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It’s almost time, and it’s just in time.  I love the Olympics!  I love watching it all, the opening the closing, the sports and the drama.  Theres not enough time in the day to catch it all, but I try.  I love watching the competition, the winning, the roar of the crowd. I love the renewed sense of national pride, the sportsmanship and the spirit of adventure. Most of all, I love the fact that the Olympics embodies the pursuit of our dreams.


Inspiration, is contagious. First of all, you can easily equate winning an Olympic medal to anything you want to achieve in your everyday life.  Who could forget London 2012? Dara Torres was especially relevant. If Dara Torres can jump in the pool at 40+ something, and W-I-N …consequently, whats my/your excuse?! We see these athletes giving everything they have to achieve their goal and its inspiration by example. Its fun to live vicariously through their single-minded focus, determination, tenacity, commitment, hard work, and desire to achieve not the gold medal…but excellence. It’s boldly inspiring.


It couldn’t come at a better time here in America. It’s a much-needed break from our current election drama that’s dominating the news.  If you need inspiration, a reminder or a distraction…here it is.  Take a break, watch a bit of Olympics and marvel at the athletes and what they’ve accomplished. Then make a list of the goals you want to achieve. Write down 3 things you can do to achieve those goals. Then get out your calendar and block out time to begin actually moving toward those goals–no matter how scary that might feel.

Start to be great

Inspiration, is contagious.

Eventually you will find yourself getting stronger, more courageous. As a result, you’ll become like those Olympic athletes. Most of all, you’ll develop the single-minded focus, determination, tenacity, commitment, hard work, and desire to achieve excellence. And you, too, can grasp your dream.

Therefore, stop and watch the Olympics. The moment you feel even vaguely inspired, get up and take some action. 😉

So there you have it.

Winter games, Summer games or both?  Whats your favorite?

Whats your favorite sport to watch in the Summer Olympics?



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