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10 Minute Peace Out Workout

Life is a sequence of moments, all called now.

Hello friends,

This week, I have written the first ever zero sweat workout, a 10 minute Peace Out Workout.  If I’ve learned anything in my short years of life, it’s that family and friends are the absolute most important treasures in this world. I am so blessed to have so many people who love me and my family, and sometimes…I just need to relax.

Have you noticed?

It’s ironic, as much as we sit these days, no-one really truly relaxes. It’s said that sitting is the new smoking, {yes, sitting for endless hours like a potted plant is terrible for us}.  But I’ve noticed that even when we are sitting, our minds are far from still, we are plugged in, working, planning, playing, doing, stressed and distracted. For many people, when they do unplug, rest becomes the time to chew over the emotional turmoil they’re going through, which heightens anxiety, and amps up worries and fears. Wow, that sounds relaxing. Is this how it should be? In a word, no.

Fitness Forecast: In the coming decade, fitness will be about your brain as well as your body Click To Tweet

Fitness forecast:  In the coming decade, health will be about your brain as well as your body. It will be about your emotional state and your level of social engagement.

This present moment is underrated. Everyone is so busy, we hardly stop for a moment and actually appreciate it.  Moments seem so ordinary, and tick tick they’re gone forever.  This digital age is kinda scary in the way that its robbing us of a basic joy of being present in the moment. Go, go go! How do racing thoughts, mile long to-do lists and a “whats next” mentality leaves you feeling? Exhausted and unfulfilled? Happy and content? Connected and isolated at the same time?

When was the last time your made time to do nothing?  Quieted your mind? When I say nothing, I mean nothing, no email, no texting, no reading, no talking, no eating, no nothing.  Has it been a long time??  Why does it come last on your list?

When was the last time you relaxed with intent for 10 minutes? As absurd as it sounds, we need to be reminded to relax.  Really relax. We should make time for it, just like we do for exercise. More than occasionally.  If you need a reminder, framework or a plan…here’s my easy 10 Minute Workout to Peace Out.

Let’s Workout!  Grab a timer. Sit, stand, lie down or whichever you prefer and let your mind get quiet.

10 Minute PeaceOut Workout

Repeat for 10 Minutes

So there you have it.

When was the last time you relaxed with intent to quiet your mind?

Do you remember laying in the grass as a child and imagining shapes in the clouds?



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