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fitbit tips | perfect charging times

Hello friends,

I have a confession to make. I’m obsessed with my Fitbit Charge HR. I love, love, love this fun little guy. It has it all, a step counter and heart rate monitor, but what really makes it irresistible its ability to track your sleep. A lot of people are convinced that fitbits and other tracking devices are just a fad, for some of us, they quickly became a religion.

fitbit yoda

I learned a lot about myself rather quickly, some things…I should maybe not reveal for the sake of keeping up whatever illusion is left that I am not a full-fledged crazy person. Be that as is may, I feel it is my public duty to warn all potential fitbitters, by sharing my struggles exactly as they are.

This is what happens when you let a fitbit into your life:

The day you finally submit to its all-encompassing power and put it on. There is nowhere to run (but you might as well try, because you’ll probably get a ton of steps doing it). Fall in love with the stairs, you’re going to be on them…alot. Tracking your sleep is life changing…a whole nuther ball game, keep that fitbit on your wrist 24-7.

fitbit tips | perfect charging times

the mark of an addict

Here’s the truth: Once I started with my fitbit, it became official, I was hooked. The graphs, the goals, the virtual rewards, the little random greeting it gives you when you put it back on after a charging session {Aw, it said “Hola !”}, the warm little dent it leaves on my arm,  the buzzes on my wrist when I hit my goal… all-of-them addicting. As much as I love it, I’m equally obsessed with keeping it charged…at-all-times.  Charged, fully charged, no exceptions.

Early on, there were dark days, spent frozen in fear after getting the low battery warning. Days when you’re hours away from being reunited with the fitbit’s charger. You’ll worry that every step taken might be the last one logged, every fat burning heartbeat might not be charted, every flight of stairs gone uncounted. NOooooo…

fitbit charging boss

Uh, sorry boss, I’m going to be late…

fitbit tips | perfect charging times

check out my resting heart rate, nice and low

I admit to postponing bedtime in favor of walking around my kitchen to reach my daily step goal {especially if I’m in the 9,000’s}, using my sleep graphs to prove that my husbands snoring disturbs my sleep on a regular basis… {even though it was most likely because I was up late walking around the kitchen} and boasting about my athletic RHR {resting heart rate} numbers to anyone who’ll pretend to listen {see photo above}.

Important thing I learned: How does one spend the hour that it takes to charge your fitbit??  Hmmmmmm, you spend it on the couch, trying not to move, lest you waste any untracked steps…or you find an alternative.  Safe moments when you are sure to be not moving and near a power source.

fitbit tips | perfect charging times

Portable power is always nice

Hmmmmm.  Like most step-counting disciples, I found myself planning ahead, thinking about when I will be idle? When will there be a charging opportunity? Then it dawned on me!  Put it all together, and share your list!  Ta-da!

Handy Fitbit tips:  Charging 101

fitbit tips | perfect charging times | AutumnPTW

Never miss a step, have fun

So there you have it.

What’s your favorite fitness gadget?

What makes it addicting? 



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