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3 reasons blogging is not important today

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I have family arriving from out-of-town to celebrate my sons graduation, so today’s post is really short and sweet.  So, if you’re wanting some recipes or workouts, check back soon.  If you need my 3 ridiculously inspiring excuses to relax, this article is for you.

Believe me, I know how it is. There is a lot going on this time of year.  It was a three-day weekend. You get caught up in the barbecue invites, the family time, the sunshine, the sales at the mall… and whatever else. You sleep in and soak it up.

Then the symbolic Puerto Vallarta Cruise is over and morning comes, you drag yourself out of bed, and as you sip that cup of coffee you realize, you haven’t even thought about blogging for days.

If you’re like me, what you feel next is a huge rush of guilt/panic—how could you be such a slacker? But the truth is, you need to just chill out a little {and so do I}. This is the part where you are free to join me and jump on proverbial “summer is for slowing down” bandwagon.

Here’s 3 reasons blogging is not important today

  1. Tuesday was my birthday
  2. Its Fathers day weekend
  3. Christmas is 6 months away

Life goes on, doesn’t it?  And technically I did write, after all. 😉

So there you have it

How do you slow down?



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