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switch to black coffee

Hello there,

Hear me Venti!  A Starbucks on every corner, everyone has their favorite black coffee. Myself included.  A Tall Iced Cafe Latte…really?  Who am I kidding? I’m not sure when I turned into a “Coffee Cop”, but…why are we calling these pale imposters a “cup of coffee”?  First of all, size…they are way bigger than a cup. Secondly, I’m not sure how they get away with calling it coffee…when there is not much coffee in it, it’s mainly hot milk/cream/soy with your choice of sweetener(s). 


Coffee Imposter!

Thirdly, remind me again…why are we paying more… for less in our cups?  If the coffee is high quality with a premium price from a reputable vendor…shouldn’t we want it straight up, not diluted!?

Its becoming a rare sight to see someone drinking their coffee black these days. So with yet another fresh outlook, I’m changing teams.  Team Black Coffee, I switched.  Ha! Ok, I’m switching.  OK, I’m trying to make through to the other side.

So here are 3 reasons to convince you to switch to black coffee!

1: Do it for your health;
Why mess with a good thing?  Black coffee is calorie and sugar-free and it contains antioxidants.  I could be wrong…maybe we don’t need more dairy, fat and sugar in our diets?

2: Appreciate the taste of real coffee;
When you have a milk/cream/soy based coffee drink it is hard to recognize the taste of the actual coffee bean. Drinking coffee black allows you to pickup of the subtle differences from bean to bean and different roasts. You may be surprised how diverse the flavors can be from fruity and chocolate to oak and floral.  Just like fine wine.

3: Mental and Physical Energy;
By drinking your coffee black, you will get the energizing effect and mental clarity far quicker (there is no milk/cream/soy in the coffee to slow its absorption, dilute and dull down the effects). This makes black coffee your go to choice for clarity in the morning or before exercise or work as a great productivity booster.

switch to black coffee

Death Wish Coffee

We’ve been having some fun, experimenting with picking and choosing our own blends in supermarkets, online & specialty coffee shops.  My theory is, if the quality of your coffee is good, you shouldn’t need to dilute the flavor with mix-ins.

Recently, my son chose “Death Wish Coffee”, The Worlds Strongest Coffee. Brewed correctly, a little bit of it goes a l-o-n-g way. True to this post, I had 6 oz cup black. Initially, I was worried that it might taste extremely bitter, harsh or muddy.  Happy to report, it tastes great! It tasted like an italian espresso to me. Yes, true to the name…its strong (caffeine strong), but the taste was wonderful (not strong).  It packs a punch, just one little 6 oz cup for me and I had the jitters.  So take it easy, you don’t need to drink as much!

switch to black coffee

It’s nice to be able to appreciate coffee for what it really is. You will find that once you enjoy drinking black coffee you might find it hard to go back. Buy good quality coffee, and appreciate it the way its meant to be, black.

So there you have it.

How much caffeine do you require?

Do ever drink black coffee?

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