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Nutrition Tips December Challenge

Hi there!

This week flew by! How’s your December going so far?  I made it through what I knew was going to be a tough week. It was my son’s birthday and I had presents to buy, a cake to bake, 2 lbs to lose, a busy work schedule and zillion other things. Thank goodness for online shopping, let’s just say I’m keeping UPS busy. Life is busy, right? Sometimes getting organized is the only way to make sure nutrition stays a priority.

One of the most common excuses for not eating properly is “I’m too busy”.

By nature, some of us seem to be planners while others are more spontaneous. Although spontaneity is a good thing when it’s time for thrills and creating instagram memories.  In my personal experience, when it comes to diet and exercise, having a boring, meticulously planned life can actually keep you on track.

Here are 3 simple tips to help you plan ahead for dietary success.

December Challenge Week 2 Plan Ahead @AutumnPTW

#1 – Plan 3 days ahead: I used to recommend looking at your upcoming week and planning out your meals for 7 days. I’m finding that looking ahead 3 days is much more realistic. Schedules tend to morph as you go, so just look at the next couple of days. What exactly are you planning on eating?  Do you have everything you need? When do you have time to grocery shop? To prepare some food ahead? Are their time wasters you can eliminate?


#2 – Make a master grocery list:  Before heading to the store, create a list of all the foods you want to purchase including recipe ingredients. I suggest using a FREE smart phone app to make your list—this way you’ll always have your list with you.   I use “Buy Me A Pie” app.  Its breaks it down into food groups (fruits, vegetables, grains, protein, etc.).  It even syncs with my husbands phone {he also has the app}, so we both have an updated list with us.  If I stop and pick something up on the way home, I check it off our list {it syncs} and we avoid duplicate purchases—like this one, when we both brought home rotisserie chicken on the same night.

December Challenge 2015 @AutumnPTW

Yes, his chicken was the bigger one.

#3 – Understand portion sizes:  We’re so used to seeing super-sized portions here in the states it’s easy to lose track of reality. Do you want a real eye opener?? Use a kitchen scale and measuring cups to measure your meals for a week or two.  Seriously, jaw dropping. What?!  Only 1 potato… and its the size of a computer mouse!?  Listen, my mouse is really small.  They must mean those old mouse’s from the 70’s, you know those big ones with a track ball in the center.  HA! And, that’s what 1 cup of pasta looks like!! A tennis ball…a single tennis ball.  Not one of those tubes of tennis balls!  Dang.  Don’t get me started…

December Challenge @AutumnPTW portions mindset

So there you have it.

Do any of those portion sizes surprise you?

Do you use any apps for grocery shopping?



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