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Fat Torching AMRAP WorkoutHello friends,

New season, new workout.  What a great time to switch it up, the hot, humid weather has passed and in its place are cooler temperatures and even cooler breezes. Here are a few tips and a smokin’ new amrap workout to get your holiday ignited!

Hot Fitness Tips

It’s a good time to turn up the creativity and think of all the things that you can ONLY do in milder weather.  Lots of outdoor activities like hiking, biking, raking leaves, even shoveling snow {heaven forbid} counts as exercise!

  • Raking and bagging leaves burns – 350-450 calories per hour
  • Shoveling snow: 400-600 calories per hour

It’s also the beginning of the red-hot holiday countdown, time to get a jump on New Year’s Resolutions! You know that you will splurge over the holidays, so set yourself up for success by setting a workout/weight-loss goal now. You’ll be amazed how much progress you can make in the few weeks leading up to the holidays.

AMRAP Workout

My version of AMRAPs consist of 5 functional movements done at 10 reps each, plus 1 Ab Exercise + 1 Core Exercise + Cardio for 1/4 mile, for 4 rounds and a 1-2 minute rest interval between rounds.  Did I loose you…? No? Any Questions?!  Good, go forth and melt fat!

4 Round AMRAP Workout

4 Round Fat Torching AMRAP

  • Time: 40 mins
  • Difficulty: Hard
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Grab your timers, and do a circuit style of training called AMRAPs. AMRAP [As Many Rounds As Possible]

Equipment Required: Kettlebell, Dumbbells, StabilityBall, Treadmill

Fall Fat AMRAP Workout

The approx 4 round/repeat circuit workout should take approx 40 minutes, including rest intervals.  

Mindful Note:  Add “While Maintaining Proper Form” into it. Because 2 rounds (with proper form) in 40 minutes is more effective than 6 messy rounds. 😉 Capisce?


So there you have it.

Do your workouts heat up when the weather gets cooler?

Is Thanksgiving a Cheat Day for you or a Fit Day?



***Disclaimer: Always check with your doctor first before starting new fitness routines to ensure that they’re right for you.***All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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