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For Lent, I’m giving up being lazy.

Personally, I have a daily habit of hitting snooze on my alarm clock. I often want those extra minutes with my pillow. This year for lent, I’ve created a Fitness Challenge.  Basically, I’ve vowed to wake up on time, not hit snooze button and do 20 sit ups [plus one] before I start my day and say a small prayer for those who are sick.

I promise if I happen to forget to do them or hit the snooze by mistake, I commit to doing double the next day. #LentAbChallenge = More working out & Less Lazy 🙂 This is a personal challenge, to do good and feel good.

You’re invited to join me!

40 day #LentAbChallenge:

Everyday do 20 sit ups, Everyday + 1 sit up, then offer it up in prayer for someone who’s sick. I will tweet progress via twitter #LentAbChallenge. Can you do it for 40 days?    No Prize awarded for completion, just good karma and personal satisfaction.  Show your support and you’re welcome to start anytime in March and ending April 20th 2014.

It’s all good

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