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5 Essential Beginner Bikram Tips

5 Essential Beginner Bikram Tips - Before You Go

Before you go, 5 essential beginner Bikram tips

Before you step into Bikram yoga, I want you to know a few things, aside from the obvious {it’s hot}. As a beginner you should take your place in the back row of the studio, or as my blend {blogger friend} Charlotte affectionately dubbed it “Hell’s Backyard“. Word to the wise, you’ll learn something new every time you go.  I’ve just started practicing, and with a mere four classes under my belt, it seems as though each one is a completely different experience than the one prior. Before you go, I recommend you start with these 5 Essential Beginner Bikram Tips!

5 Essential Beginner Bikram Tips

5 Essential Beginner Bikram Tips

If you’re a sucker for sweat, if you ate too much chocolate over the holidays, if you’re just wanting a symbolic letting-go of all the mental or emotional baggage you’re carrying around, well, Bikram is a good way to get that {in 90 minutes or less}.

Bikram welcomed me…spontaneous, unpracticed, mouth-breathing, etiquette trampling, bended knee into hell’s backyard. I’m not a vestal virgin, I did Hot Vinyasa Yoga in July, remember my Hot Yoga Short List post? All things considered, Bikram is the polar opposite of Vinyasa.  Bikram is more structured and reliable in my humble opinion. Some would venture to say more standardized and less flowy.

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When I began Bikram, all I could get my mind around was the heat, the dizzying moves and the nausea.  You’re first time, it’s all you can get your mind around. Be reassured that this practice is about embracing stillness, managing your ego and getting control of your monkey mind. Supposedly, it’s a profoundly spiritual meditation practice – it takes a few classes to get your mind to shut the hell up long enough to realize that, and so I was told.

5 Essential Beginner Bikram Tips

  1. Get there early. Beginners, at least half an hour early. Gives you time to fill out paperwork, get changed, and get a good spot in hell’s backyard the back of the room. Also, many teachers give specific instructions at the beginning of class for first-timers, so you want to make sure you’re in the room to hear it.
  2. Coconut water is your new best friend.  During session one, armed with only H2O, I was nauseous and dizzy a lot.  Amountwise, I recommend you bring at least a liter of hydration. I like to add ice, because touching the cold bottle is almost a heavenly as pouring its contents down your parched throat. In fact for me, iced coconut water is what kept the nausea at bay in session two.
  3. Make zero major plans after Bikram. Be still {ish}. Catching the end of the day class sounds ideal to me. Chill out, literally and figuratively. I’m still very new to Bikram, but it’s not what I would call energizing…it’s draining. The sum of the session will leave you disoriented at best. ¹²
  4. I promise you that even though it is all you can think about – leaving the room will not help you.  As long as you stay in the room, you are still doing yoga…yes, even in corpse pose for 85 minutes.  Sit or lie down on your mat and let the energy and the watchful eye of the instructor support you. Breathe thru your nose.
  5. All you need is your mat, towel, face cloth and liter of water. Do not bring your gym bag with all your stuff into the session, it’s bad karma.  Leave all your material things behind in a locker. Especially your cell phone. You don’t want to be that person, eye roll.

Overall, Bikram gave me a whole new perspective on the phrase “Chill Out”. I’m proud of myself every time I show up to class because I know that I can only get better. Motivation to show up to class becomes motivation to stay in the room, stay in the postures, and truly realize the full benefits of going to class. I can only start with who I am, what I have, and what I do right now.

Get ready.  Then get in there.  So there you have it, I would love to chat!

Have you practiced Bikram Yoga?  What did you think?

Got any tips to share?



  1. I confess: I’m not sure I should be allowed to drive afterwards, I probably should have a ride. I feel a bit foggy after and the everyday hustle and bustle seems harsh after a session.
  2. By the same token, I was a bit irritable after my 4th session. Mainly because diving home in traffic seemed like an overwhelming burden when all I could think about was taking a hot shower.

***Disclaimer: Always check with your doctor first before starting new fitness routines to ensure that they’re right for you.***All opinions expressed are 100% my own.