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April Faves Countdown:  5 Random Things I’m Loving

5 Random Things I'm Loving

5 Random Things I’m Loving

#5 My Kitchen-Aide Food Processor

It started when I soaked my almonds. Now out of hibernation, my food processor has been getting a beast mode workout.  I read somewhere online about soaking your almonds in water and the many health benefits after they are rehydrated and roasted.  So, I tried it.  Unfortunately, I didn’t like the rehydrated texture  (just me, but I like almonds to be dry, crisp and crunchy).  Now what?   I didn’t want to waste 3 cups of softy soaked almonds.  What came next was an attempt to make almond butter in the Kitchen-Aide.  Success!  The almond butter came out amazing!   I will definitely make that again.   It was then I remembered I have been wanting to make homemade hummus again.  Out came the can of chick peas and viola!  Hummus!  Another success, I’m loving my food processor.


#4 Florida Strawberries

My local market had Fresh Florida Strawberries on sale.   Its been so bitter cold here in New England and strawberries were the sweet pick me up my psyche needs to get closer to spring.  They were delicious, we devoured them like deprived wild animals.  Which reminds me, I need to make another trip to the store, for more before the sale ends.  Sweet Love.

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#3 Boston Bruins Hockey

Some sports are better to watch in person.  Some sports are better to watch on TV.  Hockey is good on TV–it works.  I enjoy watching it, it’s fast paced, action packed, loud and obnoxious.  Myself, I could do without the seemingly random fist fights, but the fans at the rink really seem to like them!!  The ability and athleticism it takes to play hockey is inspiring.  They make it look so easy, I guess that’s why they are pros!   I love watching!  Go Bruins!!

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#2 Burts Bees Lip Balm

My trusty must have.  I have a stick in my pocket right now.  Maybe I’m addicted?  Maybe I have a painful childhood memory of dry chapped lips?  I’m not sure but I need to confess:  I have tubes of Burt’s Bees Lip Balm strategically located all over the house, in my car, in my purse and in my pockets.  All different styles.  My Faves are Rejuvenating with Acai Berry at my desk, Refreshing Grapefruit in my car and Peppermint in my pocket.  Thank you Burts Bees, its been a very long winter and you kept my lips soft and protected.  Love it!  Smooch :*

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#1 Circuit Workouts

I love writing new workouts for my clients and last month was all about circuit workouts.  I wrote so many different variations and combinations, I’m ready to switch it up to something else.   I have learned so much:  from what looks good on paper vs. what actually works when you give it to someone to attempt it.  Sometimes the workouts flowed like sweet maple syrup and sometimes it was like pushing a wooden cart on a cobblestone street.  Hey, if you never do, you’ll never know.  Keep movin’ forward, always learnin’ & lovin’ it.