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In the midst of yet another snow storm, it returns to me. Living in the north is unmistakably tough.  Being subject to winter weather conditions is both mentally and physically challenging.  Here are 5 unique ways we Northerners workout that Southerners don’t. 5 Workouts Southerners Are Missing.

Workouts Southerners Are Missing

5 Workouts Southerners Are Missing

1. Seated Multi Sensory Plank – Core:  Dear Savannah, GA, have y’all ever driven your car on roads with full-blown frost heave?  Hold your Core steady because the road is trying to rip the steering wheel outta your hands while you drive.  Give it a try, hang on, you need to stay seated, eyes on the road and steer.  Simply staying your lane while driving is a core workout, god forbid the roads are slick!

Workouts Southerners Are Missing

2. Whitelifting –  aka Shoveling Snow:  Hey there Mobile, AL maintain proper form and know your limits.  Heart attacks, back pain and full body soreness are no joke.  If it’s thick and heavy work in small parts.  Yes, it will take a little longer but you’ll be spry and kicking tomorrow when it time to do it all over again and again and again.

Workouts Southerners Are Missing

3. Penguin Walk – Balance:  Hello Jackson, MS forget about Tree Pose. Walking across an icy parking lot in winter–and remaining upright–takes intense concentration. Gets your spidey senses tingling, uses ALL.OF.YOUR.MUSCLES. So go slow and think “Penguin” using short shuffling steps.  Good luck making it to the car, let alone getting inside, which requires a brief second teetering on one leg whilst you life flashes before your eyes.

snow wind

4. Resistance Training:  Sooo Shreveport, LA have you ever tried shoveling snow on a windy day? The words: Brutal, Dicey and Wicked come to mind. Not So Fun Fact:  Did you know, once placed overhead the snow shovel can become a handheld makeshift sail…putting you on your tookus in a flash.

Snow Lane

5. Zen:  Need a positive analogy Homestead, FL?  Winter.  It’s a lot like life. As hard as it is..there is something mysteriously satisfying about clearing out after a snow storm. Its peaceful. Muffled the street is quiet.  White.  Dig your shovel in and start clearing your path is instant gratification.  Leaving a clear path behind you with every scoopful. Cold. Working hard you’re warming up under all the layers of clothes, maybe even breaking a sweat.  It’s a workout.

Awestruck.  Part way into it seeing the beauty of it all.  Grateful.  Suddenly realizing you’re able-bodied enough to be out there clearing the snow. Filled with gratitude to have the help of my family and a warm comfortable house to come into. Peace.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger New England –  and it seems that philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche was right.

So there you have it.

Got one to add to my list?  Whats your favorite Northerner exercise?

Do Southerners have workouts that we are missing?



***Disclaimer: Always check with your doctor first before starting new fitness routines to ensure that they’re right for you.***All opinions expressed are 100% my own.