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7 Things I Wish I Learned Earlier

Carpe Diem!

Hi there,

Here are 7 things I wish I learned earlier. Nevermind your age, when it comes to life, we’re all rookies.  Life lessons come to you at the perfect time and I really do trust the way life unfolds. But, oh how much easier things would have been, if I could have learned some lessons just a little earlier.

I’ve written similar articles before, life is all about change and growth and so on. Along the way I learn more and more lessons, it only makes sense to do it again.

Life Goes Fast

Although I’m happy that I can look back and see the improvements I’ve made. I wish I had stopped and taken the time to smell the roses even more often, stopped to help that someone on the road and turned down that dirt road because I probably missed something.

Life is lived going forward, not in reverse. Carpe Diem!! Click To Tweet

Life is one of those tasks that you only ever get to do once, and it’s always for the first time.  By the time you know yourself, know what your wants and preferences are, know where your firm boundaries are located and where you are willing to bend, and know what makes you happy … its time to share your wisdom. 😉

Here are 7 things I wish I had learned when I was younger


  1. This too shall pass

Good times, bad times they come and go.  Dont let the bad times drag you down for too long and enjoy the good times while they last {take lots of pictures}.

2. Tannings fifteen minutes are OVER

Stay out of tanning beds.  I repeat.  Stay out of tanning beds!  When you’re outside, slather on the sunscreen. The more the better.  Trust me on this one, you’ll thank me in 20 years. Let your pale beauty and vitality shine through. The most affordable effective anti-aging cream is sunscreen.  Is that a new wrinkle? It wasn’t there last night?

3. The opportunities we have are much bigger than the problems

Stay positive.  Dont waste time praying for what you don’t want.  Focus on whats going right and keep trying.  It’s always too early to think it’s too late.

4. Losing weight is neither easy or simple

It’s a struggle.  It should never be said that its easy…to anyone…ever.  It should also be said that, being thin does not make you happy.  Some of the thinnest people I know still hate their bodies and act accordingly.

5. Believe the compliments that you’re given

If someone is kind enough to compliment you, thank them.  Cherish it.  Repeat it. Pay it forward.

6. You are only 1 decision away from making the right one

Ok, so you made a bad choice.  Keep in mind, your next choice is the crucial one, because what you do next determines if you begin to spiral out of control…or recover and get right back on track.  It’s never to late to make the right choice.

7. Add Sriracha to everything

Bland chicken?  Boring soup?  Add Sriracha to any dish and it will instantly taste better!

Life is lived going forward, not in reverse. Carpe Diem!!

So there you have it.

What would you add to the list?



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