high red pumps

One of my friends was grumbling about the pain being caused by her newest high heel purchase. I muttered something about taking better care of her feet and she looked at me as if I had started speaking fluent Martian. “I’d never not wear heels just because they hurt my feet!” she exclaimed. Then we stood gawking at each other while silent mutual incomprehension clouded the air…her in her heels and me in my flats…yea for real.

Oh, yes, I have done the heel thing. Even the 4″ heels model thing and grew quite comfortable in them for a lengthy period of time.  Been there done that.

However, I’ve cut back on torture these days and been wearing mainly flats. Heck, I’m in sneakers a lot of the time training anyway. One thing I’m 100% sure of: Being free from blisters, back aches and foot cramps makes me feel boatloads smarter.

Whoa, Whoa, whoa…lets not get crazy. I’m not throwing away my heels forever for goodness sake.  Just reserving them for dressy occasions.


How I feel all dressed up in heels.  Just.Like.Prince.

I’m done with torturing my feet on a daily basis.  Listen, I’m a normal westernized woman.  I’m guilty of a thousand other painful decisions all made in the name of beauty on a daily basis. Some of which will I never give up or surrender.  And I will continue to dabble in all the burdens of beauty the modern western woman has access too.  Because, I’m not a quitter.

smoke and mirrors

It’s a secret don’t tell anyone

I’m not preaching that women shouldn’t wear high heels – but please, let’s give up the pretense that they are anything other than what they are.

Glamorous, yes; Sexy, yes; Empowering, certainly not.

Barbie immediately comes to mind. Barbie and her pink stilettos and feet permanently molded to wear heels, portraying everything a grown-up woman was meant to be: “forget brains, it’s the heels that turn you into a woman.”  Crazy right?!

barbie toes

Style is pain, as they say.  You have the right to ruin your feet in the name of a hot outfit if you wanna.  I refuse to condemn anyone for wearing heels.

High heels impact your body beyond just making you wanna sit down. High heels are uncomfortable and make walking more difficult. Prolonged use can injure the feet, knees and back and so on. Of course, I’m sure you know this already.


Q ~  So why do women keep wearing them?

A ~  Women in heels are more likely to attract favorable attention.   Men like an exaggerated female figure.  In addition to making women taller, high heels force the back to arch, pushing the bosom forward and the buttocks outward, thus accentuating the female form.

heels walking

While it may be advantageous to be taller than others, or at least not to be several inches shorter. When we all wear shoes that make us several inches taller, the relative height distribution is unaffected, so no one appears taller than if we all had worn flats.  What’s the point then?

salute killer flats

The last time I wore 4″ heels, I took them off and walked barefoot across the city to my car, it was December 2014. True story.

If women could agree collectively what shoes to wear, all might agree to forgo high heels. But because if any female can gain advantage by wearing them, such an agreement might be hard to maintain.  Bottom line, its a competition my pretty.

So there you have it.

How often are you in high heels?

Whats the highest heel you own?

When was the last time high heels rubbed you the wrong way?