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blog funny-running-5k-worst-partRunning Perspective:  Fun Run

Avid Runners

Ask a Running Enthusiast:  Why did you choose running?  Most likely its health reasons or because they want to feel better…physically, mentally, emotionally.  It’s also quite simply, convenient.  All you really need is a little gear and the desire to get out there. The running community fosters a sense of support and encouragement among other runners.  Be a rock star for a day and boast bragging rights tomorrow.

Fun Run

Running can be a social activity, but its more frequently a chance to spend a some quality alone time with your thoughts.   Many say it benefits them metaphysically.  Many have lost body weight.  Many sight rewards in creativity boosts, self-awareness even at times becomes meditative.  Not to mention chasing the endorphin rich “runners high”.  “Go run and leave your worries behind”, is what avid runners will recommend.  All powerful reasons to run.

Running is a sport that requires discipline, a boatload of self-reliance and sometimes sacrifice.  Obviously, you’ll be setting a goal and pushing your cardio and endurance limits.

My Perspective:

Weight-loss can be a very fad-based industry, and the hottest weight loss technique, diet or pill one year may be passe next year.  Obesity in America shows no sign of slowing down.  Consumers hurt by the poor economic state may opt for other methods of weight loss that are less expensive, including running.

Running continues to boom as the premier sport-du-jour, rebranding itself as being about participation, not winning.  “Fun Runs”  introduced in the 1970’s, were a part of this evolution.  The old-fashioned championships (in the 1960’s) and small local road races didn’t appeal to beginners, but fun runs were welcoming, non-judgmental, and yes, join-the-crowd fun.  The question is:  Will these fun runners be “one and done” participants?  Will they only stick to the non-traditional race series or might they consider entering a more traditional race even at some point?  Only time will tell.

As more time passes there becomes this mob mentality that because running is so powerfully popular right now, it will always be like this, that this freight train will steam ahead forever.  That happens to be the very definition of a bubble.  It might not happen this year, or next year, but at some point, the bubble will pop.  BANG! Whats next for weight loss & fitness?  Are you ready?

Beginners Caveat:  Exclusively using cardio endurance exercise for weight-loss approach ignores some simple facts.

1.  Your body is a machine, designed for efficiency.  Your muscles will adapt to the demands you’re placing on them, which is a sure-fire way to hit a weight-loss plateau.  Avoid this issue by mixing up your cardio workouts as well as including strength training, since muscle mass burns more calories and speeds up your metabolism.

2.  You’re burning fewer calories than you think.  A 150 pound woman will burn 495 calories running for 45 minutes at a 6 mph (10 minute per mile pace).   If you didn’t run for that long or that fast, then you’re not burning as many calories as you thought.  It’s best to track your workout using a heart rate monitor or a cheap running app.

3.  Appetite for destruction.  Burning those calories can cause a famished feeling afterward, but it’s important to re-fuel wisely. If its snack-time, a post run snack is essential, make sure its packed with protein and filling carbs and try to keep it under 150 calories.  Here’s one designed for Recovery Vega Sport Performance Protein (Stay tuned: I will be reviewing this product later this month).   If you ran before your mealtime, enjoy a sensible meal and don’t pig-out as a way to reward your efforts.  If you find you’re still hungry after a workout, consider a pre-workout snack before you head out.

Do you believe that the Sport of Running is becoming diluted?

What’s your perspective on Running for weight-loss?

If you love Running, does Running love you in return?  How so?  Tell me please 🙂

Ask yourself, what is it I (you) want to achieve?  Set a goal.  See your doctor. Hire a Certified Personal Trainer. 😉  Is running for you, based on your training goals?  Ultimately, that is up to you to decide.

Get to work!  Have fun & good luck!