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Best Cardio Workout

You know the popular phrase “Stop and smell the roses”?  Ok, add that to your next Cardio workout.  Wait… wha?  That’s gibberish talk.  It’s reasonable to think that 2 things that don’t blend together are Cardio workouts and quietly slowly enjoying life’s pleasures.  Best cardio workout, stop and smell the roses.

Best Cardio Workout

Kinda like mixing cats and water. Who but me…would intertwine this cliché with a Cardio workout?  I’m happy to share my first hand example of how they go hand in hand.

I bike ride on several rural Rail Trails.  Around here, Rail Trails are old train track lines that have the rails and ties removed and been converted into trails.  The surfaces are original and vary from sand, dirt, hard packed stone dust and are mostly smooth. They are forest tree-lined with benches for resting at scenic locations, viaducts, bridges and lots of wildlife to see.

blog turtle ptw

Hello baby turtle, you blend so well

When I get out-of-town on a bike ride, I hear things differently.  I hear bike tires rolling on the packed dirt, chain movement when I shift gears, the hum of the spin.  I hear birds chirping, rabbits darting through the brush the screech of a hawk flying above a meadow.  I ride past people out for a walk, I briefly hear their conversation enjoying each others company.

I hear my breath, I love hearing it.  Especially when its deep and clear, I feel super healthy knowing I’m doing good. I feel bugs hit my face and my quads burning while they work to push me faster.  In this euphoric state, I feel like wearing a cape would be completely appropriate.  Seriously, I’m telling the truth.

blog superheroponchos9

How I felt on my bike ride

Take a nice long bicycle ride, leave the ear buds at home.  You may gain a renewed sense of spirit.  It may even bring back some memories of when you rode your bike as a kid.

Headphones and ear buds have become standard equipment these days, forcing noise into your head nonstop.  I enjoy a break from the noise, a break from the music and the repetitive advertising.  I love the white noise of the wind rushing past my ears. Listening to the wind is a refreshing way to switch it up.

Life is happening all around you.  Don’t get too busy to enjoy Cardio.  Flip the switch, turn off and tune out.  Open your mind and say yes!  Stop and GO smell the roses.  It all makes perfect sense to me 🙂

Can you relate?

When was the last time you felt like a kid?

Name two things should you never mix?