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3D & the benefit of trying a new type of fitness. Why not try?  BourneCamp 3D

BourneCamp 3D

I see it a lot, Runners that only run, cyclists only bike, weightlifters only lift, yogis only yoga, bodybuilders only build and swimmers only swim.  Eggs in a carton…you get the picture…fragile.

I see as a huge missed opportunity to experience other ways of exercising, add depth & dimension, learn a new skill set, challenge your body and have fun in a different environment.

Yea, yea yea…calm down.  I get that practice makes perfect, especially if you are striving toward a personal goal.  Like a Marathon, Bikini Competition, Tour de France, MMA fight or somethin’.

BourneCamp 3D

Let’s take a look at Jason Bourne.  I’ve watched the movies.  After all, he is a master of his trade and if we pay close attention, there’s messages we can all use.

Extreme Preparedness

Bourne is trained to handle ANY situation. His level of extreme preparedness does not come without putting in the time with a variety of disciplines.  One of the keys to his success is his ability to maneuver his way through the complex maze that surrounded his life.  Being prepared…wouldn’t that make life easier?


Chaos is good.  It turns out that nature loves randomness and chaos.  Over time the notso-fragile organisms always win out over the fragile.  We (humans) actually NEED chaos, disruption and failure in our lives or we will wither and die. Controlled chaos makes us stronger.

BourneCamp 3D


Bourne is in great shape. (did you notice his weight bench in his Paris apartment?) Whatever challenges are thrown at him he is ready to endure, to complete or bypass. To do this, Bourne maintains his overall fitness both physical and mental. Bourne is ready for any challenge. He is always looking to better himself and practices his skills until they are automatic.

Don’t wait until you need a skill and it is not at the level you need.  Instead, simply build it up and then you just need to maintain it. For example, maintaining muscle is easier than building it. Don’t wait till you need it, have it in your arsenal ready, regardless of what the skill is.  Be ready.  Repeat after me….I.Want.All.The.Skills.

Remember the overweight future version of the human population in the movie WALL-E?  Humans with zero muscle mass and no ability to take care of themselves?  Like eggs in a carton.

blog walle-e-humans

Fragile, this really scares me.  Seriously

My point? Keeping to a one-dimensional (strict) training routine is great if that works for you…and you love (l-o-v-e) nothing else.

But, if you are trying to avoid Repetitive Exercise Syndrome, break a plateau or beat the blahs. You can still do what you love, achieve your goal and try something new too!

blog win win

Do you have confidence in the ability of your muscles?  Are you versatile enough to handle anything that’s thrown at you like Jason Bourne?  Or are you a 1D hit wonder?

BourneCamp 3D

Mic…You want me ta do wha?

There are tons of different ways for you to put everything together and still get positive results. Regularly test your limits. Pick a new challenge and go for it. Change is as good for your body… as rest.

Batman, Bourne or Bond…Which is your favorite?

Do you want to be a badass Super Spy too?





***All opinions are 100% my own.  Always check with your doctor before beginning a new fitness routine.  Jason Bourne is a professional super spy do not attempt at home.