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Client 86 Hated Gym Class | @AutumnPTW

I’m not gonna lie,  I loved parachute day.  I loved kick ball, monkey bars, swings, hopscotch, double dutch, 4-square, dodge-ball, red light green light, tag, Simon says and Chinese jump rope. I even looked forward to the Presidential Fitness Exam. Perhaps you remember it…

Sit-ups, push-ups, long jump, the shuttle run, the arm hang and the mile run? Each event had a certain number you had to meet to pass. Successful students got a little patch to sew onto…something.

Client 86

Client 86  “I am just not into working out–for the record, I hated gym class.” {I didn’t ask but… Client 86 probably hated recess too}.

Note to Client 86:   Thankfully gym class is in the past and now we are free to find our own ways to stay fit — ways that you will actually enjoy and look forward to. Training hour passes quickly and so will your fitness level if you don’t stay on top of it. Inactivity is what the mind/body gravitates towards but doesn’t need. Stay positive, workout time is not a torture session-it’s a chance to renew, refresh and energize your awesome body {more like recess, less like gym class}.  Yes, your body is awesome and was created to do marvelous things. It is designed to last a long time…give it a chance, give it your best.

Client 86

Note for Everyone:  Whether you dreaded gym class back in the day or not, I believe you should routinely make play a part of your workout routine. Lighten up. Unfortunately, we don’t let loose enough.  We don’t release that wild energy within. We need more active RECESS!  Go on, it can be fun, freeing and still a great workout!

Maybe I’m the oddball, I have fond memories of both elementary school gym and recess. Clearly I see all the parallels between yesteryear’s school playground and today’s gym environment and how working out is an adapted version of adult Phys-Dread or Recess {depending on your perspective}.

Client 86

I still play

Make yourself proud. Don’t go another day wishing you could be healthier and happier. You have the power every day to CHOOSE to make yourself what you would like to be. Choose happiness and a healthy lifestyle. Empower yourself to start living your best life now!

So there you have it.

Did you dread gym class or love it?  

What would you tell Client 86?

How often do you let loose and just play?



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***Disclaimer: Always check with your doctor first before starting new fitness routines to ensure that they’re right for you.***All opinions expressed are 100% my own.




24 thoughts on “Client 86 Hated Gym Class”

  1. I hated gym class as a kid thankfully that changed! I was a late bloomer

  2. I used to love gym class too! I was proud that I could do a pull-up, one of the few in class that could do it! I do agree, making working out fun can really make a difference.

    • Hi Janelle, thrilled that you loved gym too! REally?! Wowo, a pull up at that age is pretty hype! I would be proud of that too!! You gotta have fun sometimes, its a must! Autumn

  3. I am all about playing while working out! Recently I went indoor rock climbing for the first time and FELL IN LOVE! So much fun and such a hard workout!

    • Hi Annmarie, indoor rock climbing sounds like tons of fun! Those places are popping up everywhere, no wonder, whats not to love!! Have a wonderful week! Autumn

  4. I hated gym class and the presidential challenge. Run a mile? No friggin’ thanks. And now I’m a personal trainer with a heart for half marathons. Go figure. I’d go back to recess and rock that challenge, if I could.

    • Hi Tara, lol thats funny! What do you think, should we chalk it up as a late bloomer? By the way, in case your serious…the Presidents Fitness Challenge has expanded now to include an Adult Fitness Challenge…if you really want to give it another GO its a real option! Let me know if you do, it might be fun to try! Autumn

  5. Great post! Just move. I liked certain aspects of gym class ( loved track, hated volleyball.) I could not stand the fitness assessments. We had one called “Canada Fitness” that started in third grade.

    • Hi Char! Thank you…wait “Canada Fitness”?! Oh you must tell me more!! What did they test you on and were there any awards if you successfully passed? tell tell Autumn

      • Canada Fitness, my friend. You were awarded a gold, silver medal or a participation pin. I usually got the pin. Lol. This test included number of sit ups in a minute, hanging chin lifts and running between pylons in a minute.

      • Dang, thats pretty similar to ours. Although Canada Fitness has more of an “Olympic” feel to the awards, which sounds really awesome! Beats our patch by a mile. To this very day, im not sure what we were supposed to sew that on. Ripped jeans? Winter coat? Swim shorts?? Can you imagine sewing that patch on your shirt and going to school wearing it the next day?! It would have been hilarious or even tragic not sure….hey that might be a good Halloween costume idea right there! Well regardless, Im proud of your pins and you should be too! You rock! Autumn

      • Haha! Thank-you.

      • sure thing anytime! 🙂

  6. angelenamarie1 said:

    I loved gym class and recess! When I was a kid playing outside, riding bikes, running, climbing things and playing sports is what we did. I don’t ever remember spending a full day inside watching tv.
    It definitely translated into being an active teen and adult. I think you’re right about needing to make fitness fun!
    I would tell client 86 to try different activities and find what you love to do!
    Thanks for linking up!

  7. angelenamarie1 said:

    I loved gym class and recess! When I was a kid all we did was play outside…riding bikes, playing sports, running, jumping and climbing is what we did! I hardly remember sitting inside watching tv.
    Being an active kid definitely translated into being an active teen, I played tons of sports in middle and high school and now I’m a personal trainer and Iove fitness!
    I would tell client 86 to try and find something they love to do!!

    • Hi Angelinamarie! Yay team gym! Yay team recess! Omg, you just described my childhood too, we were always outside! I think my mom preferred it that way…lol! So happy to hear we share the same type memories. Ah the good ole’ days! Have a fantastic week Autumn

  8. Like your client I too hated gym class….never understood the point of it. Recess yes, gym no.

    • Hi Cassi! Youre not alone on that one, the majority of people I ask didnt like gym class. THank goodness its behind us now and we can find ways to exercise that we actually enjoy! Have a fabulous weekend! Yay recess! Autumn

  9. Great post! I hated gym growing up. I always felt that it was more geared towards people who were good at team sports. I think I would have liked it more had they given us options of what we enjoyed doing. I felt the same way as your client when I started working out. I just “knew” I wouldn’t like it. But I was so wrong. I think gym class can ruin the idea of exercising for many people.

    And I’m trying to be more spontaneous and “play.” I think that’s such a good goal for me to focus on and it would really help with stress!

    • Hi Danielle, thank you! Right?! Lots of people didnt like gym class or at least have one negative memory about it. THank goodness for being able to leave it behind and move ahead! I love to think of my workout as recess! Yep just because you have to stay focused that doesnt mean you cant laugh and have fun too! It really is the best stress buster to feel free like a kid again…even if just for a little while 🙂 Have a great weekend Autumn

  10. AHHH! That parachute thingy was one of my favorite elementary school activities ever! 😀 It was so much fun!

    I miss recess. :[ And I never got the presidential physical fitness award because I sucked at life at situps (aka could not do them) and wasn’t that wonderful with running…but I was a beast at pushups and the flexed arm hang!?

    I’d tell Client 86 that fitness is all about finding what works for them + something that they find enjoyable and fun so that they’ll want to continue doing it!

    • Hi Farrah, Yay team Parachute! Parachute day was always so mysterious. You never knew what day it was coming and when it did, I wanted it to last forever! I miss recess too, some of my happiest most vivid school memories happened during recess. Gym class was stressful for alot of kids, especially around the presidential fitness test time. I think where that program is incomplete (drops the ball) is the follow thru …you for example were identified as needing help with sit ups. Gym class (in a perfect world) should have continued (after being identified) with you to work on improving your sit ups. But that doesn’t happen, they just move on ;( Leaving you (a child) with that negative feeling…which is unfortunate. I wish that they had put more thought into the impact that makes, especially in times of skyrocketing obesity. I agree with you that exercise should be something you enjoy, just like a recess! Autumn

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