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I Confess:  Anytime I’m faced with eating Rolls, Buns or Bagels.  I’m a scooper.

I'm a Scooper

Have you heard of scooping bread?  (Scooping out the doughy inside of a roll for reasons of carb cutting, taste preference, etc.)

I’m a Scooper

Thinking back, I can’t remember how or when, I started scooping.  It’s been a habit of mine for years.  I never gave it a second thought until I got caught red-handed scooping yesterday.  Not for myself, but for my son.  I was packing his lunch for school.  I have been scooping his rolls for years and he never really noticed.  “YO, what are you doing to my bread”?  with a look of horror and confusion.  I simply told him, “I’m making more room for the veggies and turkey”.

Confronted with what I was doing, I actually started having second thoughts.  First I felt angry–If you don’t like it, make you own dang sandwich {Eye roll, as if that’s going to happen}!  Geesh so spoiled this kid.

I realize, it is a strange concept.  If your going to scoop it out and waste it …..why eat it in the first place?  I grew up with a mother that was obsessed with not wasting things.  So the second feeling was guilt.

My next feelings were justification & blame.  In my defense, we were all out of sliced bread, but we had leftover torpedo rolls. So in an effort not be wasteful, I used a roll to make his sandwich.  Buy scooping it out (call me weird), to me its a way to feel better about making a white roll sandwich in the first place and it’s a lot less bread, which is good.

In truth, scooping doesn’t just happen at home.  Yes, I scoop at restaurants too. Depending on where you are eating you don’t always have every perfect option available to you.

My first preference is a Healthy Green Salad.  But sometimes the Salads on the menu are Junk and a Sandwich is the next best option.  I realize, the resulting nosh is only slightly more carb friendly, but I feel better about it.  I like all the flavor in the crust, so I feel like I’m choosing a better calorie bargain and avoiding a lot of worthless calories and carbs.

Do you scoop?  If you don’t scoop, what do you think of scooping?

Stay tuned: ” I”m teaching my family to pizza dab.”