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Dear Big News Network blog,

Be original and if you can’t be…give credit…where credit is due.

Coincidence?  Karma?  Geez, I set out to write a fit-tastic post with a catchy title. For what seemed like hours all I had was bloggers block, which struck me as somewhat ironic. I have tons to say.  Maybe I should have set out to do a post on ‘Therapeutic Blogging to Reduce Racing Thoughts and Mind Chatter’. Ok wait, that’s not ironic…that’s me rambling.  Focus.



I’ve never really considered that my blog might fall victim to what I’m coining a “Scrape n’ Run” from lurking copycats.  Small as I am, maybe I should feel flattered?? I view my blog as a hobby not an art form, and I’m always striving to become a better blogger. Yea, I can get away with surfing around waiting for the muse to strike. Dang, I’ve got time… I only post to my blog once a week. My inspirations are my clients, my own experiences and yes the internet. Putting arse in chair and putting fingers on keyboard works as a resource for me too.  I keep reminding myself, this blogging after all is a hobby…so far.  For now, my influence is a mere blip in the grand scheme of things.

Im Watching You


Now don’t get me wrong here, the internet is a big place and it’s inevitable that content will overlap and thoughts will be repeated, but I have seen various ideas blatantly plagiarized from unknowing bloggers. And yes, I have been one of them.  Ok… did the voice in your head change to Robert De Niro when you read those sentences??  If so… cool, I meant to do that.

I made it almost 6 months without an incident, I think I set a new record. I know that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, but when I take the time to formulate original thoughts and share a story, it totally sucks to see it stripped off with no credit.

Did I inspire you, somehow?  Great!  Did I uncover something you wanted to repeat?  Awesome!  Am I good resource to tap into?  Cool!  Yo, throw me a bone. Mention me, tag me or share my link, it’s the kind of thing we learned in kindergarten. Share dummyhead.

i'm talking to you

Ahem, Shallremain Nameless


Lucky I guess, that I even found it.  Strangely, it kinda found me, creepy computers. I don’t read “Shallremain Nameless”  Big News Network food blog. Pffft, truthfully until now, I wasn’t aware it existed.  Ironic.  How big is it really..if I didn’t know about it?  Huh?  But I do now.  That’s one way to get more followers.

We can do no great things; only small things with great love. ~ mother Teresa

However, some things are too strange to be mere coincidence. It was a “Scrape & Run”.

There it was, exactly one day after I posted about re-discovering an approx 4 year old Austrian Potato Salad recipe and revamping it, (btw: I gave credit to original recipe website).  “Shallremain Nameless” changed the title and posted the same exact recipe, leaving me out in the cold. Just scraped off my story, took the original recipe and ran it.  Dude, I did the leg work of finding it!   I felt annoyed, although the recipe was clearly not my own— it had my re-discovery story attached to it. Nothing.  No mention, tag or not link back to me my site, nada.  Great minds think alike? Cough, Cough copycat.  Cough, Cough scraper.  Cough, Cough WTF?

But, I could be wrong.

Get over it & get on with it.  On a positive note, I have more influence than I thought, and plenty O’ lurkers.  As well as this post and a shiny new coinage. Ka-Ching!

You heard the term here first peeps: “Scrape N Run”.  You be the judge.


Is your blog heavily influenced by the blogs you read?

Have you been the victim of a scraper?