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Creature of Rituals

Amen, Ovid

Habit is what keeps you going and rituals make them happen.  Become a better creature of rituals.

Habits, whether they emerge accidentally or intentionally, are practices we regularly engage in to the extent that they transform our normative orientations and behaviors.  These practices may ebb and flow, but the key is that habits change both our inclinations and actions.  We may consciously choose to establish a habit, but our success in establishing it as a habit will only show when it becomes something that we no longer have to think about doing. In simple terms… habits are automatic.


The key when establishing a new habit, is ritual.  You can easily create a new ritual with a little present tense thought and planning.  Big surprise!  I want you to use daily rituals that center around fitness!  Defining your fitness rituals can make a big impact in establishing a new healthy habit. Before you know it, these cues will be signaling to your brain that it’s time to work out—not time to make excuses.

Creature of Rituals

excuses dont burn

fitness rituals do

How? Its simple, get out a piece of paper and a pen. 

Here are the steps to the creation of a fitness ritual:
• Define the fitness ritual very specifically, right down to the time it is to take place
• Create the time/space for the ritual in your schedule
• Schedule and commit to the activity you intend to make a ritual (use a calendar or an app to remind you)

Ready now?  Define your new ritual. Define it in present tense.  For example: I am thoroughly enjoying a 30-minute walk at noon every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Write down your present tense fitness ritual: __________________

Create the space for your ritual by declaring what you choose NOT to do and choose TO do in the time before and during the ritual in the present tense.  Here are some examples:

• I do not waste time surfing the internet or on my phone–I do stay on ritual task.
• I do not get stressed out when work gets busy–I do take responsiblity for my experiences.
• I do not work through lunch — I do take breaks to exercise.

Write down your “do not’s” and “do’s”:_____________________

Now cement your fitness ritual into place by making it a complete commitment.

Write: “I hereby commit to the above created ritual.”  Sign it, its official.

REMEMBER: The primary characteristic of a ritual is that it is immune to negative self-talk. Your ritual does not succumb to excuses; your ritual happens! This is the beginning of powerful change.

So there you have it

What are some of your rituals and how do you get them to stick?

Got any weird fitness habits?



***Disclaimer: Always check with your doctor first before starting new fitness routines to ensure that they’re right for you.***All opinions expressed are 100% my own.