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Real talk:

Ditch the detox mentality.  Let’s call a spade a spade.  Juice cleanses and detox days need to be called what they really are….the millennia version of the Liquid Diet.  It’s unclear where the idea of an in-depth body cleanse or ‘the detox cure’ originally comes from, but it’s worth noting that it sure does bring back fad diet memories for us Gen X’ers.  Does Oprah sound familiar? SlimFast ring a bell?  Martha’s Vineyard Diet…anybody??


Unforgettable.  I remember when I first learned about the Liquid Diet.  Anyone else remember when Oprah shed 67 pounds in 4 months? I do.  It was 1988. The plan she was on at the time was Optifast.  She stunned us appearing in her tiny jeans announcing  “I will N-E-V-E-R be fat AGAIN”!!  So, proud of her weight loss, Oprah wheeled out a wagon loaded with fat {equal to her weight loss}.  Yes, this actually happened on TV… and I remember it like it was just yesterday. I love Oprah, {spoiler alert} it didn’t work…famous last words..smh. Truly, I feel her pain, the struggle is real, I know first hand. Hey, did I just give away how old I am?


Liquid diets in disguise

Yes, you can lose weight on a juice Cleanse, but the reason has nothing to do with toxins or health.  Juice cleanses are low in calories – some contain from 900-1200 calories a day, which for many people is much lower than what the body needs to function properly, not to mention nutrient deficient.

When you restrict your calorie intake in this way, the body reverts to using glycogen (stored glucose in your muscle and liver) as an energy source. Glycogen carries water with it {like a backpack}.  So part of your weight loss is water and glycogen {not fat}, which is quickly gained back when you resume normal eating.


So do we need to Detox instead?  The short answer is no.

Detox your liver…detox from what?!  Did you eat lead paint recently? Unless you have jaundice, hepatitis or a serious liver disease, your liver is likely doing just fine. If something is wrong with your liver, you’re.going.to.know. You’re going to the Dr. or ER, not your kitchen blender with a hand full of turnips. Just sayin.

Rant over.

Your organs are master toxin removing machines, designed to protect you. Every one of us has an automatic built-in detoxification system (liver, kidneys and endocrine system etc) doing the work to remove ‘toxins’ from the body without any added assistance from a detox day, cleanse week or juice month.

Part of your bodies’ natural detoxification process in the liver, is dependent on amino acids which we get from proteins.  As juice detoxes are often low in protein, to claim that they promote detoxification is contradictory from the start.


Commercial detox diets almost always consists of juices that are made from vegetables and fruit, high in carbs, low in protein and fat.  Which kinda sounds closely related to the vegetarian diet, and makes you wonder about the effect of eliminating meat might have on your liver long-term {without sufficient protein}…Hmmm…that may be another post for the future.

Liquid diet meal replacements bought as shakes in bottles and cans have factory processed protein added.  Which seems a better alternative, until you realize its A) not natural and B) not sustainable.  Eventually you will eat solid food and if the real food portions are not correct, the weight will come back.

The answer:  Ditch the Detox

No one detox regimen can ‘erase’ the effects of weeks worth of excess and/or years of sluggish lifestyle habits.  There’s no scientific basis or high-level evidence showing the benefits of commercial self-administered short-term detox programs.

Dont waste your time or your money.

Simply eat a balanced, properly portioned, nutritious diet with plenty of plant-based foods and lean protein along with lots of water. Your body will continue to detox as it always does…natrually and automatically.

Honor your hunger and nurture a healthy relationship with your plate. Moderation is key!  No food should be off-limits unless its doctors orders.

It might not sound trendy, but it works.

So there you have it.

Talk to me…

Do you think the next generation will have a “meal replacement pill”? 

What current diet trends sound like fads to you?



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