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Drink Smarter

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What you put into your body, whether in the form of food or drink, plays an immense role in your mental and physical health. You cannot just exercise and expect to be healthy.  Nor can you just eat healthy and not exercise and get the body you want. We need to have a combination of both, plus adequate hydration. Its time to get saavy and drink smarter, cheers to your health!

Drink Smarter

If we think of food as fuel, shouldn’t we think of beverages as hydration? Yet hydration is not always the first thing that people are thinking about when they’re thirsty. Some are thinking about flavor or dessert or a meal, some are considering the calories.  Some choose drinks based on the extra benefits you can derive, like caffeine, or vitamins or protein or added nutrients…and some just aren’t thinking at all.

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So many awesome drinks… so little time?  Another first world problem?  Real talk, a friend of mine recently traveled to Germany, when she returned, she told me that drinking Tap Water is frowned upon there 🙁 {bottled water or carbonated water are what they drink}.  Not because German tap water is tainted {dangerous} or has a bad taste…but because it’s what a homeless person might drink. 🙁 You see, the German word for tap water is Leitungswasser, which literally means plumbing water. Now if you offer someone plumbing water, well that’s slightly better than sewer water but, it isn’t something you would offer to someone your fond of in Germany. I guess you wouldn’t offer it to a homeless person either, if you’re into being politically correct. I learn something new everyday.

Drink Smarter

As far as I know, the tap water in my state is fine.  I consider myself fortunate to have ready drinkable tap water. It is afterall, a basic need that is easily taken for granted. I feel bad for the folks in and around Flint, Michigan. Maybe bottled water isnt such a bad idea after all?

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Last year I posted an article Aqua Fresca Sin Que Mason, I doubt the Germans were impressed with my plumbing water with fresh fruit added.  LOL Ahhhhh delicious…maybe they prefered my Ditch the Detox article?  Maybe?!

Drink smarter, with so many choices, I wanted to give you some super simple options to compare. Are there extra calories hiding in you drinks?  Sip Smarter with these real world american makeovers.

Before: Latte with whole milk   After:  Latte with skim milk

Before:  Fruit Juice or Juice Cocktail    After:  Ice water with a splash of juice

Before:  Sweetened Ice Tea     After:  Plain Ice tea with lemon

Before:  Fountain, Bottle or Can Soda    After:  Sparkling or Seltzer with orange

So there you have it.

Are you worried about your tap water?

Do you drink bottled water , tap water or filtered water?



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***Disclaimer: Always check with your doctor first before starting new fitness routines to ensure that they’re right for you.***All opinions expressed are 100% my own.