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Elf On The Shelf At Work: Merry Mike

Elf On The Shelf At Work: Merry Mike

Merry Mike is the most interesting guy in the world!!

This post is a perfect fit for my category “Musings” and “Random Shenanigans”. ūüėČ

By now we have all heard the story of the adorable holiday Elf on the Shelf. Yes, the rumors are true, we have one at work. ¬†No, we don’t have any children in our workplace. All of us {arguably} full-grown adults, we named him “Merry Mike”. Why did we name him? ¬†Duh, that’s the first thing you do. ¬†I thought you knew the story. Anyway that’s more or less where the similarities end, we don’t do Elf On The Shelf At Work: Merry Mike in the traditional¬†storybook way.

Elf On The Shelf At Work: Merry Mike

For us he transforms into a pseudo similar Secret Santa.  All year-long, he lays dormant in a flower vase in the break room, until December 1st.  Then WHAM a surprise present with an awesome scene theme created by your Secret Santa all for YOU!!! Confused yet?  Yeah, I thought so.

Elf On The Shelf At Work: Merry Mike

Who knew I liked to TailGate?! Merry Mike did. What a great gift! Thank you!

What started off rather harmlessly, has grown into an increasingly hard-to-top display of wonder, creative force and overnight surprise. In other words, it’s gotten competitive. As competitive as gift giving can get. ¬†Definitely not for the creativity challenged, weak in imagination or self-proclaimed holiday slackeroos.

I guess, I should start at the beginning. However, how this all got started is a 300 word back story all by itself.  Instead, I will spare you the extra wordy details and get down to the here and now. This post is long enough.

Elf On The Shelf At Work: Merry Mike

oopsie thirsty?

Admittedly, those of us that participate, are a breed of our own. ¬†Indeed, we are “those people” who you’ve been warned about. Some go as far as calling us “Extravagant” official “Card Carrying Over Achievers” with first world problems and way too much time on our hands. No doubt accurate.

On the flip side, we are also blissfully creative, thoughtful givers that enjoy making other people smile. As a matter of fact, everything about Merry Mike and the process makes me smile. ¬†A lot. And it did the same for others. Now isn’t that a bold claim?

Elf On The Shelf At Work: Merry Mike

Ok, he’s not the mind numbing Elf who Sits on the Shelf {major yawn}. Rather, he’s dashing Merry Mike and he skydives in with your present. ¬†Merry Mike, takes champagne bubble baths with Barbie and the next day takes selfies with the dog and drinks Starbucks when no ones looking!

Move over Secret Santa, Make way for Elf On The Shelf At Work: Merry Mike. Its a scene to behold Click To Tweet

I know…sounds awesome right?! ¬†Before you hop on board, ask yourself. First of all, do you despise Secret Santa at work? Do you loathe surprises? Do you shun extra time spent pondering your coworkers outside of work?

Of course you can opt out of our festivities. Ugh. It’s OK we still love you {cross your name off the list}.

Still interested? Be forewarned, some people don’t realize until it’s too late that they really suck at this kind of stuff. ¬†Furthermore, if you lack inventiveness, creativity, don’t know your recipient that well, feel like a Grinch this year, hate to be under a time crunch or have never dabbled in hot glue or craft supplies. Taking on Merry Mike can bring you to your gift giving knees in a flash. ¬†Just sayin.

Elf On The Shelf At Work: Merry Mike

How does it work?

  1. Simply pick a name off the participants list.
  2. Choose a gift for your recipient.
  3. Pick an awesome theme to build around that gift incorporating Merry Mike in the scene.
  4. Bring the theme to fruition as part of the surprise for them!
  5. Now your it {recipient}! ¬†It’s now your turn, go to step 1!

It’s a gift in a scene and a surprise! Whats not to love?!

Elf On The Shelf At Work: Merry Mike

Merry Mike is caught in a Sharknado! Who’s up for a dirty martini after the storm/work?

Although, I was not looking forward to the conversation with the Hubs when I explain to him why I’m going to be home so late and he should order takeout. Because I’m buying supplies to create a “Sharknado” for a coworkers holiday gift. O.o And I need to have this ready to go for work tomorrow. ¬†Yep, overnight. It was totally worth it!

Elf On The Shelf At Work: Merry Mike

Sharknado Martini

In fact, Merry Mike is a handy little guy to have around. Participating again this year rekindled my creativity. Allowing me to flex my inventive brain muscles! Now, when there is even a HINT that I’ve said something stale at work…all I have to do is say, “Sharknado” and I bet they all smile. Fist bump, wink ūüėČ

So there you have it.  I would love to chat!

What made you smile at work today?

How do you stay creative over the holidays?



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