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empty nest resolutions

College move-in day is upon us. If you’re a parent like me, this time of year feels like January, with some promise of privacy, calm, me-time and breathing room. Sounds like the ideal time to set a BTS {Back To School} Resolution. This week, I will officially join the empty nester club.  Thanks to some age and 18 years parenting experience, I’m confident I’ll be able to keep them.  It’s time to find a new distraction from the absence of your 18-year-old distraction!

An empty nest would be easier to like, if it had a different name. I would rather not define the next few decades by what is absent from my life.  Who coined that phrase anyway?  Quite the “Debbie Downer” don’t you think?  C’mon…the glass is half full, right?! Freedom, f-r-e-e-d-o-m, manicure, pedicure and Vegas!

Empty nest?  Time for distraction.

While raising children, building careers, and taking care of family needs, so much can get out of focus. After the children leave, there are no schedules to be coordinated and no school projects and homework to be discussed.  Sounds like the perfect time to delve into some me/us time. YEAH!  Sounds way better than stressing out!  Or having to constantly return to the store to pick up that “one last thing” my son says he needs.  It’s like he’s packing to climb Mt. Everest or something.  No offense to the Mt. Everest climbers.

My Resolution

1: Learn to cook for two! Sounds easy right?!  It’s an opportunity to eat more healthfully, to fill the plate with more vegetables, and less meat, less Doritos, and less Mountain Dew.  More time to get creative and put leftovers to good use with last-minute dishes from the fridge and pantry.  Rediscover the art of cooking in small batches just the like days prior to children.  For some, it’s time to eat out more. Either way, think of it as your second chance at a new beginning.

The empty nest can become the most creative and productive time of life integrating family life and personal passions.  Maybe the empty nest is not as gloomy as it is made out to be…or maybe it’s exactly what you make of it.

So there you have it.

What are your plans when your little birdies leave the nest? 

Do you ever make Resolutions in August?



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