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weight loss struggles

Hello there,

I’m not perfect, and I’m the first to admit that.  I am an awesome Personal Trainer; I get people into great shape; I have a fiercely loyal clientele; I’m slowly amassing an army of buff fitness misfits, to take over the world! I wish I was perfect, but the truth is I’m just like you.  I can totally relate to your weight loss struggles. Totally.

Honestly, I’m no perfect buff fitness model personal trainer who jumps up and down like a cheerleader, and I don’t pretend to be.  E-v-e-r.  Oh, I have my peppy moments…but I don’t always feel like being a stereotypical role model.

you gotta be kidding

Camera-ready??  Air-brush ready??

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not normal either.  It’s normal to be unfit, it’s normal to be obese, it’s normal to be inactive, it’s normal to take high cholesterol medication, it’s normal to sit about your workday like a potted plant.  Most days I don’t feel like being normal…thank heavens…{notice the words “most days”} HA!


Now comes the good part:  Lordy, what a week its been.  Hmm, you ask… why’s that??  Well…the button on my best pair of pants popped. And every pair of underwear I own is giving me a muffin-top.

Reality check: My pants are tight.  In that case, it’s time to face the truth: My waistline is expanding. Why the “freak out”, you ask??  Because, if I’m being completely honest… I always “freak out” when this happens!  I’m not perfect remember?!


Weight Loss Struggles

I feel like I’ve always been a work in progress. Sometimes I’m excited about the journey and my ability to overcome obstacles and stay fit. Sometimes it drives me insane and I feel like I’ll never be exactly what or where I want, all the time, f-o-r-e-v-e-r.

weight loss struggles

I realize, it’s not about the weight.  Still in “freak out” mode.  What?! Of course, it’s about the weight and my favorite pants not fitting anymore.

fall stronger

Can I get an Amen?!

Calm down, it isn’t about the weight.  It never really was.  It’s about self-control and ever-changing goals. There is no “perfect” {that’s why air-brushing exists}. Somedays there isn’t even “just good enough” {that’s what photo-shop is for}. There just is. And in the end, it’s about stepping over the pieces and being able to move forward…and that…I-can-DO!

Stay tuned, I feel a case of motivation coming on…

keep moving

So there you have it.

Had any set backs/road blocks/obstacles/muffintops lately?

Whats the most motivating song on your workout playlist?

Who wants to make an buff fitness misfit army and take over the world with me?

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