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fitness facadeIf you’re content with your body and workout…and absolutely nothing needs improving, read no further.  You have my permission to stand up and go do whatever that makes you sweaty.

So, you’re still here.  Ok, if you want to make lifestyle changes and get in great shape and are struggling a bit, consider this.  I could be wrong but, maybe its a problem in disguise.  A problem I call “Identity Incognito” or “Fitness Facade”.

It hit me like a ton of bricks.  You see, it’s been there all along…silly me, I see it and its side effects over and over, because we are all guilty.  Even I’m guilty. What?! Yes, I am not immune.  Even I get lost sometimes.  What the heck is it?!

Condition – Identity Incognito

Causes:  Maybe you’re currently stuck in fitness limbo not seeing results. Trying everything from Zumba to Crossfit to Swiss Ball Overhead Split Squats.  And still your weight yo-yo’s up and down, phantom eating habits from the past are haunting you. You’re perfect body, weight or size is always out of reach.

Symptoms: Most people who want to make diet and fitness and lifestyle changes eventually lose sight of their original goal of ‘Getting In Great Shape’ and quickly get lost in ‘The Process’ of diet or fitness as their identity instead. Here is where things go wrong.  I decided to call it #TDWNWS (That Didn’t Work, Now What Syndrome).

Complications:  This is how people can get lost in a particular style of training or a way of eating that was never their original intention. Yes, there are some people who really do want to be a ‘power lifter’ or a ‘pro kayaker’ …and some people who really feel better eating ‘vegetarian’ or ‘paleo’ style etc.

Side Effects:  (A.K.A. – Fitness Facade) It’s likely that the majority of people who attempt any of these diet or training styles are really just people who want to look better and have so far failed to do so. Then they turn to these ‘alternative’ ways of exercising and eating, and before long get caught up with ‘The Process’ and forget why they started dieting and working out in the first place.

Fitness Facade:  It’s like trying to heal your ankle sprain using a pair of broken crutches.

Treatment:  Don’t latch onto a label or community or identity. The truth is that none of these identities are meant to produce a specific body shape or look anyway. They’re an identity in and of themselves.

The key is staying true to your basic goal.

Remedy:  Refocus your identity on your basic goal.  If you want to be in ‘great shape’ then you need to eat, drink, sleep, exercise and think like a you’re in “great shape”.  Don’t mimic anyone else, just be you, all day-everyday, in “great shape”.

Bottom line: All people simply want to look and feel better about themselves and their body. And to be specific, they want to be in “great shape”.

Test and Diagnosis:  I challenge you to take an introspective look at what you’re doing with your diet and fitness lifestyle. Decide if you’re latching onto an identity– or are you actually trying to get life-long results? You might surprise yourself with your answer.

So there you have it.

I’m serious, enough sitting. Now, stand up and go do something genuine to your identity… that makes you sweaty. :*



Have you ever had a bad case of Identity Incognito?

Do you think Identity Incognito could be contagious?

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***Disclaimer: Always check with your doctor first before starting new fitness routines to ensure that they’re right for you.***All opinions expressed are 100% my own.