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Fitness Span

Not plane nor bird nor even frog. It’s just little old me… Heh-heh, Underdog.

Let me start by saying, nothing impresses me more than someone older than me… working out , trying to get into shape or stay in shape.  Because I know the hard facts, and I love the Underdog. Fitness Span, in defense of age 44+.

Fitness Span

Let’s do the doom-and-gloom part first. Inspirational-uplifting-happy-fun-time comes later. blog itsnotalldoom The doom-and-gloom: Getting fit ain’t easy, staying fit ain’t easier. And if it’s difficult now, imagine what it’s going to be like in 10, 20, 30 years.

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Don’t Let Go

Before you begin embracing your death spiral as a wobbly, overweight hunchback, understand that it doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t want it to be that way either.

The bottom line:  Whether you’re fresh out of college or funding Junior’s tuition, the moment to launch your lifetime fitness plan is NOW.  In fact, if you decide to find your fitness workout groove now, you’ll set yourself up for success in the future.

It is never too late to start exercising ~ Jack LaLanne

Unfortunately, not many people prioritize fitness. For many it seems like the years between 20 & 50 are peppered with work + more work + very little else.

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All being said…it’s possible.

The obstacles you will face at 30, 40 & 50 are ginormous and stacked against you. Muscle loss, hormonal imbalances, bone loss, worn-out joints, genetics and lost skin elasticity, just to name a few.  It’s still possible.


Lifespan is how long you live. Fitness-span is how long live staying fit and healthy.

Getting fit is a necessity, not an option.  Americans are living longer than ever before. As a result of greatly improved sanitation, hygiene, nutrition, life-saving drugs and medical care, lifespan has increased significantly.  Fitness-span has not.

In 1776, the average life expectancy in the U.S. was approx 30 years of age. Back then, your stay in this world was likely to be brief.

Today, the average American life expectancy is closer to 80, and the fastest growing segment of the American population is adults 85 years or older.

Whereas age 65 was once considered old, now it’s just “Upper Middle Age”.

Fitness Span

Want to look younger? Get Stronger.

Exercise is the Fountain of Youth.  If you want to look and feel younger…exercise seems to be one of the key factors that distinguish people who have a healthy old age from those who don’t.

The Fun Time:

I’m happy to see anyone at any age make the decision to get into shape. Change doesn’t happen overnight, it takes an effort. Fitness is for everyBODY, and anyone making an effort is making progress. Kudos (not the granola bar).

Truth be told, not everyone deserves the same amount of praise for getting off the couch and getting fit.  Some folks struggle with more obstacles than others.  Go ahead, make my day.

Go ahead. Make My Day.

Call me, Ms. Eastwood

Believe me when I say, an average/normal 20 something will bounce back in the blink of an eye. If you are younger than me…and you are faster, stronger, agile and have more endurance. Good…you should be.  Enough said.

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Conversely, If I’m older than YOU and I’m faster, stronger, more agile and have more endurance than you….shame on you.  Seriously.  Sorry, not sorry.  No excuses, get your butt in gear.  Child, you should be leaving me in the dust. Tough Love.

Ernestine Shepard Age 75

Ernestine Shepard Age 75

Deep down, I hold the most respect for the Underdogs.  Anyone that decides to make the commitment to get off the couch and get fit and/or stay fit after the age of 40.

These folks are the most courageous, determined, persistent hardest working on the planet.  The task ahead of them is daunting.  They should be given encouragement, help, respect and prizes based on the scale of the achievement and obstacles they’ve overcome to get fit.

Nothing is more inspiring than seeing an Underdog embarking on their Fitness Span.  Real hardcore, obstacle overcoming effort.  Oh, I l-o-v-e it!!

blog lego trophyFit-Span Awards for the Ages:

20s: POTB (pat on the back), “Wow, you got hot” & Loud Tick-Tock Clock (to remind you to enjoy it while it lasts)

30s:  High-Five and 3 Character References (to add to your Resume)

40s:  Applause, Peer Recognition & Framed Fit-Span Certificate

50s:  R-e-s-p-e-c-t & Really Big Shiny Trophy

60s: Ceremony (with balloon arch), Engraved Plaque fixed prominently on the fitness equipment piece of your choice.

70s:  Paparazzi, a Red Carpet, a Stage, Standing Ovation in front of an Open Mic. Ahem…(clears throat) “I’d like to thank god, my family and my personal trainer”

80s:  A Parade in your honor, Crown & Scepter & Festival afterwards

90s:  Keys to the city, Street named after you & Fireworks


-Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending-


So, there it is.

What is the length of your “Fitness-span” so far?

Tough Love?  Do you think every age deserves the same amount of praise for getting into shape?