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Get Ready

Starts December 10, 2014

Get Ready! On the first day of “FIT-mas”, my trainer sent to me…

Merry Fit-Mas

12 days of fitness

Starting on December 10, 2014.  I will introduce a new exercise, for 12 consecutive days.  Just like the song.

On the first day you will complete the first exercise.  The next day complete the first exercise…plus the second one and so on until the 12th day you will complete a circuit of 12 exercises.

The first rule is, there are no rules.  It’s about exercising, having fun and getting involved.  Everyone is welcome to play along.  Yes, even your Aunty Nancy. Share where ever you please, the most popular places are on Twitter and Instagram.

Stay tuned tomorrow, for the First Day of “FITmas”!  Follow along right here (blog), Twitter and Instagram, join us for 2 weeks of fitness fun to help keep us in shape over the holidays!

Sharing Instagram & Twitter:  @AutumnPTW, #PTW4L, #FITmas

Facebook share on your own page, or on mine  www.facebook.com/autumnPTW

So there you have it. Challenge yourself and have some fun!  Stay active and show your Holiday fitness spirit!

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***Disclaimer: Always check with your doctor first before starting new fitness routines to ensure that they’re right for you.***All opinions expressed are 100% my own.