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To Run or Not to #Run

To run or not to run?   That’s a loaded question, for folks new to fitness and exercise.  Loaded with presumptions, opinions, and perspectives.  For the average person, it can be overwhelmingly confusing.  Should I run a marathon, should I jog a 10k, should I power walk a 5k, should I skip it all together? Who’s right, who’s wrong?

To Run or Not to #Run

In my humble opinion:  It really depends on who you ask and what are you wanting to achieve. Although its extremely popular–Distance Running is not ideal for everyone and may not really even be necessary in many cases.

I’ll start by reminding you–I’m not a doctor.  I don’t recommend someone getting off the couch and trying to run a marathon, although I’m sure its been done before by someone much crazier (or more dedicated) than myself.

As a Personal Trainer, I get asked all the time…so how much do I have to run to look like you?  They are often surprised when I say, “I’m not an avid runner.”

Cardiovascular exercise comes in lots of different varieties, biking, rowing, swimming, weightlifting, ellipticals, stair climbing, brisk walking and so on.  What interests you?

First you need to ask yourself what do you want?  Do you want to drop a few pounds and slim down?  Tone up, lose body fat & build muscle?  Are you looking to improve the physical condition of your heart and lungs increasing stamina?


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“It’s written, ‘seek and ye shall find’. But first, ‘imagine what you seek’.
Otherwise, you will end up searching everything everywhere forever.”― Toba Beta, Quote

Ask yourself, what is it I (you) want to achieve?  Set a goal.  See your doctor. Hire a Certified Personal Trainer. 😉  Is running for you, based on your training goals?  Ultimately, that is up to you to decide.

Get to work!  Have fun & good luck!