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Opt 4 Betty

Ever felt like punching someone in the face for something they did, but can’t do it for a million reasons?  Frustrating, isn’t it?   I am fully aware, when I get aggravated by the naive, it is not entirely because of their cluelessness – it is because of my own expectations. I expect them to be on the same level as me and when they prove they are not, it’s very frustrating. Hence, Opt 4 Betty.

So, how do I plan on dealing with the many faces of unaware?  Simply adjust my expectations? More specifically…lower my expectations?  Or should I start a hashtag?  Decisions, decisions…

Ok, maybe I’m being a little sour grapes in my tone. But seriously. When I see someone do something so incredibly & obviously wrong and I have to bite my tongue in the end…all it does is make me feel worse.  So, I need to vent.


Long story short…a client chose a male trainer over me… and I smiled, bit my tongue and walked away.

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Superpowers: Superman 3, Batman 0, Wonderwoman 4

Why am I so riled up? This choice was not made based on skills, knowledge, price, experience, goals or style.  It was based on some ill-conceived notion that “male trainers” are more “serious-about-fitness”.  No joke.

Opt 4 Betty

Here’s the secret Male Personal Trainers keep: There is none.

Lets be perfectly clear.  I want you to pick the right trainer for you.  Go ahead, pick any male or female trainer because they are more skilled and just perfect for your goal.  If you are too overwhelmed or don’t know who to pick, my advice is– pick a smart female.  Move past the stereotypes, drop the old wives tales and forget the male voodoo magic BS.  Cross my heart, girls we need to stick together on this one.

Ladies please be aware of the power of your choice and what it says about you. Choosing a male trainer over a female trainer based on a stereotype…might not seem like the end of the world to you, unless you consider the bigger picture.

Opt 4 Betty

Why?  The fitness industry has a male gender bias without a doubt.  It’s an industry originated by men, for men and dominated by men.

Until women start realizing we need to automatically choose smart women to train us.  Until there are more multitudes of smart, experienced female trainers.  We will be struggling to be first choice, credible and taken seriously in a male dominate industry.

Opt 4 Betty

Opt 4 Betty

Maybe we need even more basic awareness.  A hashtag, similar to “Shop Local” or “Buy American”. What do you think?  Can we stick together and launch a campaign? To share our experiences and strengthen awareness about the crucial role females play in fitness?

Something like: “Choose Chicks”,”Fem-Elect”, “Sister Select” or “Opt for Betty”. What do you think? Obviously, I like #Opt4betty 🙂

If I could turn back time, I wouldn’t punch her in the face.  I would remind her of the power of her choice.  I’m a Female Personal Trainer, I’m serious-about-fitness, I can get you into incredible shape and help you lose weight…and I have very high expectations.  When it comes to fitness #opt4betty!!!

So there you have it.

What makes your angry about fitness?

Do you see stereotypes, voodoo or old wives tales in fitness?



***Disclaimer: Always check with your doctor first before starting new fitness routines to ensure that they’re right for you.***All opinions expressed are 100% my own.