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butt workout

Looking for a total booty/butt workout? This is meant to challenge and push you. Announcing the Perky Booty Workout!  Because who doesn’t want a perky booty?

Heading into my blogging quiet season {aka summertime}, I’m keeping it short and simple. No need to over-do-it.  Am I right?  Anyone else have plans to turn it down a notch until fall approaches? No? Just me I guess…table for one, please James.

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One thing I’ve learned is to hone my craft and try not to spread myself to thin {unnecessarily}. Especially for the sake of pushing out dreck content.  Quality over quantity, I say.  Honestly, I don’t write because it’s what others are doing…or because I’m supposed to… or because I’m some mindless motor-mouth content machine. Technically, I don’t even write… I type…my thoughts. Hey, who writes anymore? Actually writes…with a pencil and paper?? Anybody?

Question:  When was the last time you hand wrote a letter?  I confess, I haven’t written a letter in a very long time.  Just the thought of it…makes my hand tired. I do think its a shame and I’m as guilty as anyone.

Duly Noted: Writing is nearly obsolete. Writing a blog is not an accurate description, it may be the newest oxymoron, paradox or contradiction.

I type and share because its fun, and I love doing it.  If it becomes tedious or overwhelming, I’m most certainly guaranteed to hate it. I never want to get to the point where I’m like ‘Ugh I have to go do that thing…? That’s fun…Ughhhh.’ Yea, no.  That’s why having an actual day job is an excellent thing. It stops you from taking yourself too seriously online. For a lady who loves to write, my blog is my utopia, and that’s success to me.

Ok, so by now I’m sure you’re wondering…what on earth does this have to do with a Perky Booty Workout?  Absolutely nothing, no booty Judy.  Except you need to get off your butt, stop typing and actually do this workout if you want one. 🙂

Perky Booty Workout

butt workout

Now its your turn.  Nothing makes me feel better than 10 comments on my blog from perfect strangers saying that they love this workout and are feeling the exact same thing I am.  xo :*

So there you have it.

Anyone else have plans to turn typing down a notch this summer?

When was the last time you wrote a letter by hand?



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