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Positively Priceless

Rolling with endless punches, whatever comes your way

Do you have a positive exercise attitude?  Or are you making it through your workout days with a case of the grumps?  I decided to have fun with this post, so I chose the perfect role model.  A character who can always handle things beyond his control and still stay optimistic. Who else but Mr. Bill?! Its Positively Priceless.

What if every workout was beautiful and you failed to recognize it?

Positively Priceless

OMG! It’s a beautiful day to have a beautiful workout!!

It is possible to reinforce your self-confidence by using positive affirmations, but it takes a consistent effort.  Below are a few tips for improving your grumpy state of mind to cultivate a positive attitude.  In true Mr. Bill style.

Positively Priceless

Positively Priceless

Express what you are grateful for…always.

Practice gratitude.  Even in the worst of workouts, most of us realize that we still have things in our routines for which we are grateful. Voice them! Actively acknowledging what you’re grateful for will help you to always have a grateful mind and heart, even when bad things happen.

Positively Priceless

I’m grateful the squat rack is available. Even when I have to return the weights that you abandoned on the bar

Break Negative Thinking.

Are you a person who continually beats yourself up mentally? Believe me, I’ve been there. Train your brain to stop doing that to yourself. Practice the power of positive thinking. Any time you have a negative thought during a workout, replace it with a positive one.  Two examples

Instead of: “I’m fat and ugly and feel lousy” Ohh, Nooo!

Say I feel stronger and healthier today.”

Instead of thinking: “You’re not as good as them,” “They’ll think you’re stupid,” or “You don’t fit in here.”  Ohh, Nooo!

Say  “I belong here,” “I’m happy here,” and “Everyone here likes me.”

With time, this will become more natural and automatic. For the time being, switch to a positive thought, take a deep breath and move on.

Positively Priceless

I feel stronger, happier and healthier today.

Positively Priceless. Exercise your body and mind.

We know that exercise is good for our bodies and our minds. It releases those natural endorphins in our brains that make us feel better. Exercise has physical as well as mental and emotional benefits. Getting out there and moving around will keep your body in better shape, as well as boosting your self-esteem for having the discipline to exercise. Exercise is an excellent way to fight the negative effects of bad situations.

This post is dedicated to the new gym goer I met this week.  (You know who you are) I hope I see you again and for many more weeks to come! Stay positive, you got this!

So there you have it.

What kind of attitude do you have?

Do you think that people who exercise are happier than those that don’t?

If you have a case of the grumps, do you still workout?



***Disclaimer: Always check with your doctor first before starting new fitness routines to ensure that they’re right for you.***All opinions expressed are 100% my own.