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Post Office BBQ , Spaghetti and Meatballs, You're Invited

Help me Autumn!! It’s not my BBQ and they are serving Spaghetti and Meatballs!  I didn’t plan ahead and there are no healthy choices!

Me: ” I’m sorry, could you run that by me again?”….. “Ok…holy wow, what a Cluster$#@!, I got you covered.”

Post Office BBQ , Spaghetti and Meatballs, You’re Invited

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To the Batmobile!

It’s a dicey scenario and we’ve all been there at some point in time…up Alfredo Creek, without heart paddles.

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Can I get a side of AED with that?

Today I’m sorting situations and delivering results.

BYOG - Bring Your Own Goals

Shindig Invite: BYOG – Bring Your Own Goals

I love summer, warm weather, lots of cookouts and invites.  If you’re trying to avoid fattening food and lose weight, it should be easy to make better food choices in the summertime, right?!

Wrong, not everyone shares your same light & lean approach to cooking. Not everyone knows (or cares) that you are working hard to lose weight. Not everyone has your best interest in mind, they just wanna partayyy!

Even a few wrong choices at the Post Office BBQ can jeopardize your hard work in a heartbeat. Not to mention, the dreaded food pushers you will encounter along the way.

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Don’t go postal

Your 5 Fattening Food options:

1.  Best Bet:  Take some of the food and eat some of it (aka – portion control, YOU CAN DO IT) Call in backup, Text Your Trainer

2.  Take n Toss:  Put food on your plate but not eat it (requires eating beforehand, being hyper chatty and ninja discipline) Risky

3.  Doggie Bagger:  Eat a taste then say “I’m full”.  Ask to take the food home (Hey wait! She doesn’t have a dog…) Tricky

4.  Badminton Only:  Refuse to take any food at all (endlessly entertain yourself at the Baggo board, horseshoe pit, basketball net, ect)  Wow, she’s sporty

5.  Reckless Abandon:  Put all the food on your plate and eat it all (Boop Boop, MAN DOWN!!) Partayyy

Do the best you can, with what you have, where you are ~ Teddy Roosevelt

Autumn help me, these folks are relentless food pushers, they don’t take no for an answer.  We all have that parent, family member or friend that refuses to believe that we’re not still hungry or they might feel bad (or insulted) if we don’t want seconds or thirds.  Let it be said, not all food pushers are deliberately trying to sabotage your weight-loss…some of them simply think they know more than you, about how much you should eat…Oy vey.

Level 1:  Learn the art of the assertive “No, Thank You.”  (a polite but firm rejection of unwanted food in social settings)

Level 2:  Defer & Deflect. “Thank you, I just had some, I’ll come back for more later” or “Oh, delicious so good…to much, I’m full”

Level 3:  Give ’em a show.  Push your plate away, lean back, rub your belly and make groaning noises. “Urrggghh, uhhh, nnnnooo”

Do whatcha gotta do. Ain’t nobody got time for a set back.  At the end of the day, its YOU that matters. You don’t need to be rude, use your backbone…put yourself first.

Ruthless food pushers don’t care if your feel uncomfortable in your cute jeans next week. Partayyys ova, they’ve already moved on from the clambake and are posting their sensational cat pics on Facebook.

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You and Aunt Betty at the Family Reunion. Aw good times

If you overdo it.  Enjoy it, get right back on track tomorrow.   #5 happened, whatever the reason.  When you wake up the next day, be ready to workout and expect to weigh-in more than usual.  Plan on it.  Get RIGHT BACK ON TRACK!   Be 100% honest with your trainer, about what went down, so you can tackle it together.

One plate of Sausage-fest badness with a side of macaroni salad won’t ruin you – it’s when you let that one plate become a weeks worth of armageddon…then things get muffin-top-tastic.

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It’s about balance, and staying in control of the balance

Can anyone else relate?  Food pusher stories?

Do you struggle to resist a really-tasty-only-found-at-family-events food?