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Hello friends,

In case you missed it, I’ve been slacking.  Yep, it’s true…I haven’t done any product reviews in a while. Voila, then Puritans Pride turned up on my doorstep. Awesome, no more slacking and now I’ve got something to share x3!

I’m reviewing Puritans Pride (Store Brand) Pre-Workout Intensifier, Whey Protein Isolate and Daily Nutrition Shake. A few weeks ago, I received my products from Puritan’s Pride and I began trying them out.  Here is what I discovered and wish to share.

Puritans pride

As luck would have it, I had been considering switching the shakes in my diet. Long story short, I like to switch up brands every now and then because I get plain ole’ bored. Protein shakes are a regular part of my routine. {Please know that I’m picky about them}.  Thank you Puritan’s Pride!

***Disclosure ~ I received products for this review, however all the enthusiasm is my own.

Puritans Pride Pre Workout

A:  Pre-Workout Intesifier ~ Fruit Punch

Going into your workout with a boost…what’s not to love?!  As a general rule, your pre-workout nutritional regimen should be broken down into two phases.

  1. The first phase consists of having a meal approx. one to two hours before working out.
  2. The second phase takes place 15 to 30 minutes before working out and consists of supplements that you might consume to continue to fuel your workout.

I discovered, I’m not a huge fan of fruit punch drinks. This drink mixes with water and I suggest using a more water than it calls for per scoop. The flavor is as intense as the results.  This drink is mighty for sure and works {really well}. Within minutes I noticed the results and felt it kick in.  Great for a workout boost and adding some pep to your step.  Woo+Wee!

puritans pride daily nutrition shake

B:  Daily Nutrition Shake ~ Vanilla

I LOVE this one.  I am in LOVE with this Daily Shake.  Did I mention I LOVE this? It smells amazing and the texture is really creamy {like melted ice cream}.  I even blended it up with fresh fruit as a smoothie.  A smooth delicious shake, customize it to your liking and the sky is the limit. Bravo!

purtians pride whey protein isolate

C:  Whey Protein Isolate ~ Chocolate

I’m no stranger to Whey Protein.  Oh boy, I’ve tried my share of brands and then some. However, this one surprised me for a “Store Brand”.  It had all the nutritional numbers I was looking for as well as a great taste.   The size of the scoop {is huge} so I was pleasantly surprised to find it dissolves very quickly upon mixing. The chocolate taste reminds me of M&M’s candy.  Bottoms up, liquid M&M’s!  Yep, yum. 🙂

So there you have it.

Do you routinely use a Pre-Workout drink?

What would you try from these 3 products? 

Name Brand or Store Brand?  Which do you go for?



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***Disclaimer: Always check with your doctor first before starting new fitness routines to ensure that they’re right for you.***All opinions expressed are 100% my own.