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Running Rationale

July 04, 1977

Common ground for distance running :  Average Folks

Running Rationale: For fun, let’s explore an Average Persons (new to fitness) reasons to start running. Most folks are either sedentary or only minimally active. Confusion may keep a lot of folks from getting on track with exercise.  In a world where infomercials, internet, magazines, videos, blogs and helpful friends may give conflicting advice, misunderstanding flourishes.

Running Rationale

 “Getting off the couch and onto your feet to exercise could save your life”  Quote ~ Surgeon General. 

Onward –  So you can feel confident you’re headed down the right track (pun) ;).  Sadly folks often will fall into one of the following runner misconception categories:

1.  Desperate to lose weight – If I just get out there run and do something, it’s better than nothing.  Right?

blog no no no

“Yes this qualifies as technically true, but c’mon think about it. Running is a high impact sport.  Don’t you want to train smarter, not harder?  Sorry, in order to run, you should be in Running Shape.  If you’re overweight or out of shape the last thing you should attempt to do is:  Run Yourself into Running Shape.  In order to safely endure the pounding of distance running, you should already be in running shape.  Plus, muscle is what fuels your metabolism, why risk burning it off?  Why risk injury, why waste valuable time?”  Seriously, I could go on and on…and on.

2.  Mob mentality – So many people run, and they look smaller/leaner than me….so running must be the way to get fit.  My friend is a runner and wow are they skinny.   How can all those thousands of skinny runners be wrong?!

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“Ok, not all of them are wrong, but a lot of them are running needlessly.  Yes, some of them are skinny.  Folks, fitness is more than just a dress size.”

3.  Under-estimators – How hard can it be?  The running community is very encouraging.  Always welcoming newbies with open arms.  If my friend can do it–I can do it.  My friend makes it look so easy and they make it tempting.  

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“Don’t be fooled, running is a high impact sport.  Running isn’t for everybody.  Cardiovascular exercise is for everybody and comes in many different varieties, not just running.  Here’s some: cycling, swimming, rowing, weight lifting, stair climbing, brisk walking, ellipticals and so on.”

4.  Over-estimators – If I start running, I will be able to eat whatever I want. The pounds will just melt away.  I need to do a lot of running and only a little bit of clean eating to be in tip-top shape.  My neighbor ran a half marathon and to celebrate he’s drinking beer and eating burgers & cheesy nachos after the race!  After the race he looked ecstatic in the pics he posted on Facebook.  Jackpot!!   The best of both worlds healthy running + junk food!  I get beer, cheesy nachos plus bragging rights then next day.

blog runwomenwithicecream

“Unfortunately, (regarding eating) it’s just the opposite.  Sorry, binge eating and drinking shouldn’t be your justification/reward for running.  Stop giving yourself a runners license (fake ID) to eat whatever you want, you’re only fooling yourself.  Finishing a race is definitely a Win in my book and bragging rights are cool…if you’re also tracking your calorie intake and eating healthy.  Don’t just talk health and fitness…Be about it. “

Can you relate to any of these rationale or share an additional one?  If you can’t relate, what’s your perspective?

That’s just a few of examples of rationales average folks have.  It’s easy to get mislead and waste valuable time.  Ask yourself, what is it I (you) want to achieve?  Set a goal.  See you doctor.  Hire a Certified Personal Trainer.  Is running for you, based on your training goals?  Ultimately, that is up to you to decide.