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Spring pea salad

Spring-Time Mandolin Salad

Friday, Saturday, Salad Day, Sunday, Monday …  

I love everything there is to love about salad. The fresh ingredients, the tantalizing crunch and the creativeness of concocting a dish using food I’ve never combined before. Besides writing workouts and blogging it’s another way I can be creative!

So, I’ve been meaning to tell you…I’ve been eating a lot of salads lately, I’ve even had salad for breakfast.  Insert awkward silence here _______________________ .

First question – have you ever exclusively ate salad for breakfast, lunch and dinner in a day?  Would you want to?

This idea came to me in a meal planning boredom moment. Hmmm, why not? I love salad… Since then, I’ve become a salad-all-day convert!  It’s quite nice, maybe not every-single-day but it’s totally doable on a weekend (at least for me it was).  It’s also true…everyone in my house raised an eyebrow when I added an new day onto the weekend…Salad Day (grumble, grumble).  Whatever.

blueberry breakfast salad

Blueberry, Mandarin, Granola, Spring Greens with Raspberry vinaigrette

I’ll start by saying, I feel confident that you have all at some point, had a lunch salad, dinner salad and most probably dessert salad. Easy peasy, been there, done that, seen it in mason jars (giggle, giggle).  It’s the greens that break the breakfast rules. What’s up with that?!  Why’s it always gotta be in a smoothie?  It’s just as easy to put it on a plate, as it is in a blender.  Right?!

BLT breakfast salad

BLT Salad with egg and avocado

Second question – have you ever had a breakfast salad?  If no, why not?  I got online and low and behold there are already plenty of ideas and versions of this very thing.  God bless pinterest.  (note to self:  I must up my geek skills and learn how to add pin buttons into my articles)

salad day

Poached egg with berries. pecans and spring greens

Third question – what’s your all time favorite salad? There’s no doubt my favorite, particularly in summer, is a very simple one using only five ingredients. Boston bibb lettuce, pear, avocado, almonds and parmesan cheese, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil. So easy, so very delicious and makes for a great accompaniment with barbecued chicken or beef.

salad day

Where’s the BBQ Salad?

What about this combination for lunch? Spinach leaves, cherry tomatoes, cheese and olives, sprinkled with basil and maybe red onion? Or to flesh this out even more, try adding roasted sweet potato with avocado and chicken marinated in oregano and crushed red pepper (not pictured)?  Or how about this one for Breakfast…

salad day

Smoked Salmon, Hardboiled Egg and Spinach

 So there you have it.  That’s alot of questions, I can’t wait to read your comments!

Have you ever had a Breakfast Salad?

Do you have a hard time with the idea of salad for breakfast?

Would you add Salad Day to your weekend?