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She's Got Style

She’s got style

I’m a creature of habit in so many ways.  Including when it comes to style, especially my workout hairstyle and accessories.  I tend to gravitate to function, form and comfort. Over the years I have tried many vain trifles, so I figured I would share some of what I’ve learned. Good and bad.

Lets talk accessories first.

blog hair scrunchy

The Scrunchie.  Say NO.  Comfortable yes…stylish no.  You’re most likely working out in public (even if you’re not), you need to look presentable and relevant.  Keep it in the bathroom for when your washing your face.

blog hair jaw clipJaw Clips.  Say NO.  Although easy to use, sorry…they slip. It wont stay if you’re doing any impact work.  Plus, it adds about 2 1/2 inches of plastic to the back of your head (wtf?!).  It gets in the way of any supine exercises such as abs or bench.  It gets in the way on seated machines too.  Actually it gets in the way A-L-O-T of everywhere.

No joke, when I wore one of these driving to the store,  I had to remove the headrest off my seat.  That can’t be safe.

blog hair banana clips

Banana clip

Banana Clips.  Say NO.  Another easy solution similar version of Jaw Clips. They are fashion not functional. If it gets in the way…Skip it.

blog hair ponytail holders

Ponytail holders

PonyTail Holders.  Say NO.  Denting, tearing, breakage hazard.  If you wear a tight knot ponytail more than any days a week, you risk damage.  I always end up tearing my hair out when I remove them.

blog hair twist ties

Can somebody tell me what these are called?

She’s got style

Ribbon Band Twist Hair Tie Thingys.  Say YES.  The latest, greatest and cutest. Honestly, I have no idea what they are actually called.  Anybody?? Everywhere I go, they are called some odd combination of different.  I bought some Twist Ties, Twist Bands or Hair Ribbands or Hair Twisties…whatever they are called.  Anyway, I own some.

The good news, I found that, these don’t pull my hair out and they stay in place.  Overall I like them, just wish they lasted longer.  They are not the most durable, they get thin and stretched out fairly quickly.  Luckily they’re inexpensive and come in multi packs.

blog hair headbands

Headband x3

Headbands. Say Yes.  Everyone’s rocking cute headbands. Whether sparkly, braided, or double-banded, or triple-banded, super functional headbands are having a moment.

Tip: I put on some hairspray, add bobby pins and buy the Grippy/No-slip ones, otherwise they slide right off the back of my head.  

Let’s talk hair styles:

blog hair high pony

The classic ponytail. This one’s high up toward the crown to keep it away from the sweat on the back of the neck. Cute headband optional.

blog hair messy bun

No-nonsense messy top knots. This look became legit as a hair style thanks to hard-core workouts and women needing to keep their hands-free. Put your hair twisted into a top knot and secured with a Twistyband (wow, they have become a big deal, now if we could just all agree on what to call them)

blog hair braid gym

Braids. If your hair is long enough you’ll love them for workouts—they’re easy, tidy, and sprint-proof. Bonus, they can also become your own whip, whipping you like a horse to make you run faster…he he he..ouch?.. keep going…I’m serious, keep going.

Love the hair, obvious make up is a workout no-no

Ballerina bun. Originated in studios dedicated to ballet but have since hit them all. The simple style offers serious sweat protection and a lot of pulled-together poise during a workout.  Obvious amounts of makeup is a workout no-no.

For the record, my style is classic high ponytail or messy top knot. So there you have it.  I’ve got style 😉

Whats your go-to workout hairstyle or accessory?  Tried anything new lately?

Scrunchies?  Love them or shun them?

***Disclaimer: Always check with your doctor first before starting new fitness routines to ensure that they’re right for you.***All opinions expressed are 100% my own.