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Essentials for Hot yoga

Gorgeous view from inside Hot Yoga

As they say, life begins when we step out of our comfort zone. Sweating is good for us, and yoga is good for us. So, naturally, putting the two together has got to be doubly good for us. Hot Yoga, right?! For some, the idea of going into a 100+ degree room with a bunch of other sweaty yogis sounds a little intimidating. So, I formulated a short list of hot yoga essentials to help.

Aside from the obvious, how would I describe hot yoga?  Hot yoga is like New York City in August. That can be taken as a compliment…or not, depending on your own experience of The Big Apple in August.  Either way, it’s an experience.

hot yoga 01

If you cant stand the heat, stay out of Hot Yoga.

It’s been a long time, years, since I’ve done a hot yoga class. If I’m being completely honest.  I didn’t find nirvana or fall head over heels with it then…and I still kinda feel ‘meh’ about it now. It was super fun to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there…that’s how I felt {and still feel} about hot yoga.

Leaving plenty of room up front for the experienced yogis, I chose a spot in the back row. I put down my mat, my towel and water and I layed down, Corpse Pose. I immediately noticed the floor was heated. Ahhh, this place would be awesome in the winter, I thought {its July, stay positive}. My cousin-in-law, who invited me to tag along that morning, was a row in front of me, chatting with friends and stretching.

The 8 am classroom filled up and the oven door {aka – classroom door} was shut tight. Class began with Om’s and I broke into a sweat quickly {big surprise}. As the movements increased so did my sweating. I wish I could have taken a picture {duh, that’s obviously frowned upon}.

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We were in Down Dog, I caught a glimpse of my forearms glistening in hundreds of tiny beautiful beads of sweat. Like every pore had opened a little gift. As we moved into Plank, the tiny beads decided to mingle together, and into Cobra Pose the big beads forming small streams, back to Plank…small streams forming little rivers.  You get the picture.

My cousin knew the 90 minute routine well, a practicing regular.  She did a great job of making it look smooth and effortless, all the way from Crow Pose into Head Stand.  Me, not so smooth…and the Head Stand…not even close {more like nauseous Childs Pose}. Honestly, if I could have gotten away with it…I would have pushed her over…really, I would have shoved her…but I didn’t, hesitant to create a domino effect. Show off’s, whatevs. lol 😉

I formulated a short list of hot yoga essentials. If you’re going to give it a try, come prepared and hydrated.

  • Don’t eat beforehand
  • Don’t worry about your hair
  • Don’t overdress, less is more
  • Bring your own mat, messy business
  • Bring 2 long towels, 1 to cover your mat during class, and 1 for the car seat
  • Bring lots of water, more than you think

Is all the torture worth it?  Yes, I can see why it attracts students with competitive personalities who like the mental and psychological challenge aspect. I believe if you can stay calm and focused in hot yoga, you can stay calm and focused in any given situation.

Besides a great sweat session, what else did I learn? Pores. I learned how many I have…I have a lot of them.

So there you have it.

Have you tried Hot Yoga?

How often do you do Hot Yoga?



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