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Show me the Sushi!  Trainer Approved

Who’s a Sushi fan?

For some people a Kobe Steak is heaven, for others its exquisite Sushi.

I am a Sushi fan.  Sushi is the very definition of a lean meal. But if you’re not ordering it the right way, it’s not low-fat or lean at all.  Show me the Sushi!  Trainer Approved.

Show me the Sushi!  Trainer Approved

I hear this all the time from Sushi Virgins…”I would love to try Sushi… but, I don’t know what to order”…  “What do you order?” Chill out virgins, I can help.

NOTE** Be forewarned!  Subsequent to reading this post, ordering General Tso’s Chicken, Teriyaki Beef or Sweet-n-Sour anything at a “Sushi Bar” is hereby prohibited.  Punishable by lashes with a wet noodle.

When I look at a menu… I shouldn’t expect authentic Japanese Sushi after all, we are not in Japan, this is America.   Fusion, Yo.

In my neck of the woods, we have a fusion of Japanese, Asian, Thai and American bar bistro.  Yep, all that, 0 Michelin Stars, it’s still good.

My rule of thumb is “A Good Sushi place, is a BUSY Sushi place”.  Stay away from: Gas Station Sushi, “All-you-can-eat” and empty Sushi Palaces.


Show me the Sushi!  Trainer Approved

Miso Soup (tofu protein goodness), order it

Here’s some lean and healthy guidance.  Start with an appetizer.  I love miso soup before sushi. It can help fill you up without a significant number of calories. A cup of Miso soup has less than 75 calories on average.  (sodium caution)

If you want to order an appetizer to share…try the Steamed Edamame.  Edamame is a great starter and is a much lower calorie choice than those fried noodles and duck sauce.  Be careful, as they all can run higher in sodium, soup included.

Show me the Sushi!  Trainer Approved

Edamame, Salty green protein goodness, Order it

blog crispy noodles

Asian version of Chips and Salsa, Skip it

Looking at the menu, think traditional.  The less fancy the entrée, the leaner and cleaner. One of my favorite sushi choices is combo of Nigiri Sushi and Sashimi because it’s literally just the meat of the fish with rice and no extra ingredients.

blog sashimi-sushi-combo

Combo – Salmon, Tuna, Yellowtail, Lobster and Shrimp, Nigiri Sushi & Sashimi Order it

What’s the westernized version of sushi?  Americanized sushi items have creamy toppings, dressings or sauces, mayonnaise, cream cheese fillings or fried crispy or crunchy. Skip it, it isn’t traditional Sushi anyway.  I stay away from the “crunchy rolls” that have been deep-fried crispy. Comparing the two images… its easy to see which choice is lighter and leaner. Makes sense…right?

blog americanized sushi

Americanized Sushi Fusion, Skip it

My next choice is Maki Sushi Roll, which has the fish rolled into rice and seaweed.  Did you know…one Sushi roll has about 1 cup of white rice in it, that can add up to a lot of extra calories (one cup has about 200 calories) if you’re eating multiple rolls.  Yea, I’m counting fit friends.  Here’s some examples.

blog tuna-sushi-maki

Tuna Maki, Order it

blog urimaki

Crab Avacado Urimaki, (rice outside roll) Order it

Although I’m sure it’s been done, I doubt you are going to overdo it on this one.  Wasabi is packed with antioxidants.  Whoa.. head rush!   The latent hot taste will open up your mind and your head… sinuses included. A little wasabi goes a long way.  I put a pinch on my Sashimi.  Can’t handle the heat?   Ask the chef to make your order sabi nuki (without wasabi).

blog wasabi

Wasabi: Head Rush!! Taste it

You know that little pile of ginger—it’s not just a garnish! Eat it! Ginger is to cleanse the palate between different cuts of fish, or at the end of the meal.

blog ginger

Pink Ginger, Eat it

Soy Sauce, go easy on the dipping.  Ask for reduced-sodium soy sauce, but keep in mind that it still isn’t “low” sodium. It’s simply 25 percent less salt than regular soy sauce. Which is still really loaded….like 75%, puffy fingers and tight rings later loaded.  I love you, Soy Sauce…but you don’t love me. Yeesh, no joke.

Yikes, my fingers feel swollen just looking at this...skip it

Yikes, my rings feel tight just looking at this…Taste it


blog green tea

Hot Tea, Order it

Bubble Tea Mango – Sweet Milky Mango Juice Tea with Black Tapioca Pearls and Fat Straw…

Show me the Sushi!  Trainer Approved

Bubble Tea Mango, Skip it

Um. Yea. NO.  I’m not Sixteen anymore, but my son is.  I had to taste it…wow, it’s sweet.  Too sweet for me, it…should be on the dessert menu…did I mention its sweet?

Not sure why it came in a Rebel IPA glass, my guess is the IPA has fewer calories and carbs.  Dang, wish I still had my sixteen year old metabolism…Ah the good ole days…bring me a Sake. 😉

Does your fear of eating raw fish keep you from trying Sushi?

Have you tried Bubble Tea?


***All opinions expressed are 100% my own.