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Sleep Clean 101 Yawn

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The figures are stark.  Some 80% of working adults suffer from some extent of sleep deprivation.  According to the National Sleep Foundation, adults are getting on average one to two hours less sleep than we did 50 years ago.  No bueno. Not healthy. When our sleep is disturbed, whatever the cause, toxins build up and our systems begin to break down.  Basic changes can help to improve your sleep.

Why I decided to improve my sleep.

In my initial post two weeks ago, I mentioned that one of the fitbit features I fell in love with was the sleep tracker. Now it goes without saying that prior to my fitbit, I was already somewhat aware that my sleep was lacking. However, now that I have these daily sleep charts, it’s opened up a whole new world.

sleep clean 101 a bad night

a bad night (not mine, who spends 13 hrs in bed?)

My new goal is to focus on improving my sleep.  Its obvious I’m suffering from both a deficit in both quality and quantity of sleep.  I’m not getting enough hours total and I’m restless or awaking a lot…a lot. A LOT.

Love my bed

Something has to change, after all what good is data if you’re not using it to push yourself?  Time to refresh my sleeping habits.  My new goal is to “Sleep Clean” and increase my sleep efficiency to 90% or higher. I’m super excited, YAY sleep!  Yawn…it’s getting late.

Sleep Clean 101 Contagious


My morning wake time is at 6:00 am, bedtime is a different story…anytime between 10:45 pm and midnight {or later} depending. Guilty, I often put off bed time for workouts, blogging, housework, TV, twitter, you name it. Enough, no more staying up late walking around the kitchen trying to get 10,000 steps for the day. As fun and validating as that was… it’s not really worth it if it’s at the expense of toxin build up (see TED Talks below).


Perks and benefits, I want it all.  I want to have the correct amount and the best restful sleep too.  So, going forward, I will need to manage my daytime more effectively.  I want to increase my “Actual Sleep Time”, not just my “In Bed” time. I would love to get close to 100% efficiency on a routine basis…ahhh sweet dreams.  I’m eager to see how it changes things.

Here’s my plan: To improve sleep

Sleep Clean 101 So there you have it.

How important is sleep to you?

Do you track your sleep?

How did you sleep last night?



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