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Soothe Holiday Tension With 10 Familiar Ingredients | @AutumnPTW

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

How is November coming along for everyone? If you have been reading my blog, you know that I am not super obsessed with fall nor have I been in an ‘all things autumn’ mode since the start of September. Yes, I have done a couple of fall posts here, here and here. Since Thanksgiving is officially tomorrow, it only seemed right that this post deserves to be dedicated to it! So get ready for a fool-proof family tension taming recipe created just for you.  Not that you need one.

Soothe Holiday Tension With 10 Familiar Ingredients | @AutumnPTW

As December nears, I will be covering some of the more popular categories such as snow flakes, jingle bells and pine-cones, but if there is something you want me to feature in particular {aka fitness, motivation or food}, let me know via comments below!

Soothe Holiday Tension With 10 Familiar Ingredients | @AutumnPTW

As for today, I am putting up my favorite seasonal sayings to rev you up for tomorrow and the coming season. Thanksgiving brings with it change, family time and unlimited possibilities for hot topic conversations {aka – bickering}! So start your day active, nourished, and thankful!

Soothe Tension

Soothe Holiday Tension With 10 Familiar Ingredients | @AutumnPTW

Soothe Holiday Tension With 10 Familiar Ingredients

  • Time: 1 mins
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

  • 2 heaping cups of happiness
  • 1 jar of listening, sifted
  • 2 hands full of concentrated gratitude
  • 1 heart full of love, softened
  • 1 head full of workout ideas, beaten
  • 24 oz of understanding, sectioned
  • 6 pints of encouragement extract
  • 2 liters of confidence, carmelized
  • 2 cans of hope marinated
  • dash of laughter

Mix all ingredients together and sprinkle with generosity and kindness. Add plenty of faith and spread out over the length of the day.  Serves everyone  🙂 


So there you have it.  Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Is there anything you would love to see me feature in a winter post?

How many people will you spend Thanksgiving with?  Do they ever bicker?

Got a funny Thanksgiving memory to share?




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