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Stage Two Angry Playlist

Stage Two Angry Playlist 2016

Ok so you’re pissed off. Angry. Furious. In stage 2 of loss. You want to blow off steam, scream it out. Unwilling, you’re not looking to calm down just yet; All things considered, when deep breaths, coloring books and bubble baths wont do it. In my opinion, you need to workout. And by the same token, you need the right songs to release that anger to get it all out {I’m not talking about “Kumbaya”}. This Stage Two Angry Playlist will to do just that. These 10 songs will help your blood reach its boiling point.

Certain events {like election results} can trigger anger or stress {or both} in people. How people choose to display their degree of anger is different for everyone. By and large, some will take to the streets, demonstrate, march and chant, burn effigies and protest, exercising their first amendment rights. Meanwhile, others will hit the gym alone in silence, with headphones on prepared to sweat out the anger and frustration. If the hitting the gym is your choice over joining the march, you need the right music to get your blood pumping.

When deep breaths wont do. You need to workout with the right songs. Stage Two Angry Playlist Click To Tweet

I write a lot about motivational strategies, like my article last week on brisk walking, deep breathing, staying positive, etc. Of course, they’re not the only ways to relieve stress.  In any case, did you know that I have personal playlists for every mood that strikes me…happy, sad, grateful, blessed or angry? Strangely enough when the music matches my feelings, it makes all the difference in how much better I feel after my workout.

For your consideration, Best Popular Vote Playlist 2016:  Stage Two Angry Playlist.

Stage Two Angry Playlist

Stage Two Angry Playlist Songs 2016

Come back next week on Tuesday the 22nd for my Recipe Redux post and then too on Nov 30, 2016 for Stage 3, “Bargaining”.  God Bless America.

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