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Hello there,

For months I have been putting off this hike post.  I was afraid.  Afraid of over-sharing. Scared of looking sappy.  Sure you might be bored to death. Don’t get me wrong I love to share, but this post was a struggle.  Speculating, how will it go over?   Wavering, between posting or not posting.  Geez, just share it already!!  Here goes

hike vista

May 2015,

I knew it was going to be special. I had the most wonderful Mothers Day ever. What made it wonderful wasn’t the card or the gift (both lovely), but the day itself. A day spent with my son, outside in the fresh air, together.

It probably doesn’t sound like much to you. But it meant the world to me.


Aren’t we precious?! Yes, we were lost…

We spent the day hiking.  Uphill both ways.  Not possible?  Believe me, we did. Together we slipped, we navigated, we made it to two summits. Along the way we talked, laughed and stubbed our toes. My knees where trembling from climbing exertion when we made it to the top.

Steep, I was not sure how the hike back down was going to go. But down we went, him first…sure footed, confident, reaching back his hand to help steady me.

That’s when it (pride and shock) hit me. Seeing his hand reach back, it occurs to me.  Hey?!  It was not long ago, the tables were turned.  He was little.  I went first. I used to reach out to lift him, steady him.  Vividly I remember this, as if it were yesterday.

Taking his hand is a gift that I will cherish forever.  Another milestone.  A beautiful agony. A role reversal.

My thigh muscles tight on the drive home, it motivates me. To stay active and fit. Not my usual workout, my body was already sore.  It hardens my determination, I will not give in to age.  My knees ache, to serve as a reminder.  It’s an uphill battle.

deal with it

Take a Hike

I’m Autumn. I blog about fitness, food, motivation, and my struggle to unearth the best version of myself.  I’m a wife, mother and then some.  I’m blessed to have an 17 yr old son that inspires me without even realizing it. Thank you for listening, while I over-share my belated sappy thoughts here with you.

So there you have it.

How much sharing is over-sharing?  What’s too much?

Have you ever shared something sappy?

What’s the most inspiring gift you’ve received lately?

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