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Your Soul Day

Todays exercise is for your soul, not your body.  Can you spend a day not doing? Your Soul Day.

Unfortunately for adults, it takes work and planning in order to successfully rest. Hence the paradox of the Disney World vacation…but I digress.  Rest is important, so should we perhaps dedicate a day on the calendar to it? Call it “Your Soul Day”.

wild spring flowers

Thank god its Spring.  Perfect time to refresh and renew outlooks.  Lately, I’ve felt like a horse– that’s been wearing IGS (instant gratification syndrome) blinders. Today I removed those blinders and tried to focus…on not focusing.  “My Soul Day”.  Wait…mine or yours?!  Mine.  I’ll do mine, you do yours.

Ever such a rebel.  Today I logged off, checked out and had a “Soul Day”

I didn’t workout

I didn’t study

I didn’t leave the yard

I didn’t shop online

I didn’t watch tv

It was a sweatpants and hair in a bun kinda day.  It is my “Soul Day”. What did I do?

I did throw some simple soup ingredients in the crock pot for dinner

I did go outside and putter around my flower beds

I took a random nap

I did some laundry

I sprayed WD-40 on the track of my sliding screen door (squeak fixed)

I hung up my wind-chime

I put some chairs on the patio

I made multiple trips to my desk, coming back to my blog draft pondering what to write.

Wait a minute… I was supposed to be resting…

Here’s what I came up with. After my “Soul Day” retreat. I realized, I didn’t miss anything earth shattering on social media.  Yep, for real 100% true.

keep calm spring

I also realized we’re living in an age of instant gratification. We’re used to a world where we can order shoes and have them delivered to us the next day (thanks, Zappos). When we order anything on Amazon.com, it better be ‘Prime Eligible’ or we’re going to pull our hair out waiting 5-9 business days. When we send people emails we expect them to respond with the same sense of urgency in which we sent them. We need our feedback/stuff/whatever, and we need it NOW!

spring barrow

So what do my instant gratification issues have to do with you? Well, if you’re anything like me, you feel the same pressures when it comes to exercise, family life, losing weight, writing blog articles, sending off important emails, running a business, etc.

spring alps

We spend time on these things, and we crave some sort of lightning-speed fulfillment in return preferably in the form of positive feedback.

Your Soul Day

This “Soul Day”  I tried to slow down.  But I learned, it’s easier said than done. Look at my Did vs. Didn’t do list.  I had a hard time staying on the not doing track. Poof, get a few things done…before you know it you are a fully paid-up member of the rat race again.


Ahhhh Spring!

Rather than spending so much time racing forward, to your next instagram photo-op, workout, your next blogpost, etc.  Spend a moment in the moment. Spend a moment actually looking back.  Look back at why you started.  Remember what moved you. How far you’ve come.  Look back at the things that stirred your soul.

pink spring

Your “Soul Day”.  It’s worth it.  Log off.  Shut down.  Go Outside.  Take a Hike. Vacuum your lungs.  Breathe.  The rat race will still be there tomorrow.

So there you have it.

Can you spend a day not doing?

Has spring sprung in your neighborhood?  Or are you still waiting like me?



***Disclaimer: Always check with your doctor first before starting new fitness routines to ensure that they’re right for you.***All opinions expressed are 100% my own.